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Player Held Item

Carlos Eduardo

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Feb 24, 2019
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I referred to them as Player Held Item to differentiate the Item Helds between those that have some kind of influence directly on the player, while the others (most of them) have an influence on the Pokémon.

The simplest example of these Helds are Amulet coin and Catch Charme that influence directly the Rates of the player.

Before we had few Helds that influence the Player, now this number increased and this has made things a bit more complicated when organizing or changing your Pokemon Team.
The process may be easy, but on a daily basis in the game this routine of removing and equipping Helds is tiring:
- remove all the Helds of the Pokémon, change the team , equip one by one the Helds on the new Pokémon. Then you get to the respawn k and the respawn is already occupied and you need to leave, go to the Pokemon centre, change team again and repeat the whole process of equipping and removing Helds to go find a new location.
-Another situation that I see occurring frequently, is the player be 1-3 hours hunting in a respawn, and realize that forgot to equip the Helds as shiny charm and Amulet coin, or worse forget them in the Pokemon Center, and have to leave the respawn to go get! I believe that even the most experienced players have experienced this at least once.

Player Item Held System

My suggestion is that the Held items should be divided into two categories, the default is the current one, the held item of Pokemon. And the new one would be the Player Held Item.

First idea :
Player Helds would no longer need to be equipped on Pokemon. Just have them in the Bag and activate them with a click (Something like: deactivated the sprite would be a little dark, and activated the item sprite would have brighter colours and maybe some brightness).
ps: something similar to what we have in nintendo games, the shiny charm itself to make use of it, is simply to have it in the bag.

Second idea: Held Case = Create a new case in the inventory, and in this case, just put all Held Player in it, and they would automatically become active.

Third idea: This is the last resource xD if none of this is accepted, allow at least some Held Player to be equipped on the same pokemon. I believe that many players like me, have one or another pokemon fixed in the team for teleport/fly and the Shedinja itself.
So to avoid the headache of removing and equipping many helds, we could keep the main ones, in these fixed pokemon of the team. (example: equip shiny charm and amulet coin in the same poke, for both are support has the limitation).

I believe that all the following Helds, could enter the category Held Player Items:
-Amulet Coin
- Twin Charm
- Lucky Reborn
- Shiny Charm
- Catch Charm
- Heavy-duty Boots
- Professional Pitcher Gloves
- Emegency Exit
- maybe ? Accelerating Goggles
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Jun 16, 2021
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simple and functional, a good idea, less time wasted equipping the helds and more time to focus on the player's objective...

Zombi TR

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May 10, 2014
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%100 Requisite.
Player Held item box will be. Example like this.


I Make a 32x32 Sprite for this. :) Plese do. :)