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Market, Bank and Trade system


Sep 29, 2021
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Good morning
Good Evening.

It can't go on like this! o_O

As a respected man of business and financial success, the current state of the market is unacceptable to me.Sadeevee

Starting with the fact that just picking a cash register from the bank to buy items for 1kk up is simply tiring.
Exchanges for sums above 8kk are almost impossible due to the limited space in the backpack.
It is completely impossible to offer to buy anything over 9kk on the market and trade and you have to count on the honesty of the seller for money transfers in the bank.
My suggestion is as follows, connect the cash register in the bank with the market so that the machine will take money from the bank if there is no money in the backpack.
Such a system would facilitate and streamline the mechanism of buying and selling items and Pokemon.
Players wouldn't have to play with shifting money from the main backpack to the spare ones.
Similarly, the price caps for pokemons or items could be increased, because not all of them cost less than 9.99kk.

Thank, you have a nice evening.Snubbulgun