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A disturbing dude...

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Apr 24, 2020
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Hello guys Ill try to be short as I can, I make this post to report some creepy behavior of harassment where I feel my data protection is being vulnerable, as you may know there are international laws that points online videogames on this subject (Is not my intention to go further in this subject, just pointing at it cause the importance it takes nowadays in internet).

The problem:

Some dude is making chars of second chars of mine, like for some months ago, Ive reported this twice to a GM, the final answer from a Community Manager was "we cant do anything".

My char Metanoia (that is in another account) is known to be mine at least for my few friends and the guild I used to have (Arkham Assylum), with this I mean I never tried to occult it, I used that char mainly to use the market cause I use to log off and log in in spawns, so I dont have to go to depot to make/update trades.

Well then some fan of mine started doing his trades with a char named Metanoia-iscentinela or so... I was like "oh what a secret"... I just laughed of my new fan.

Well I also use the char "Noobito" (in my main account) to make important trades, trades that I want to know where they get done (you know that message system in the game), this char wasnt also a "secret", simply a char I log in few minutes a day.

Well some weeks after that, the dude did the same creating a char "Noobito-iscentinela" (or so) I said ok he look at the char on the inside game "search char" and found out the house adress was the same of Centinela (I think this is a data bug that hasnt been attended, cause both chars are marked as "private" in the profile), or maybe someone is telling him some info, I started thinking some staff member was involved, but not enought info to say it.

Some weeks after it I reported it, nothing happened, well I left the house, after like 10 days I made another new char and I started using ir for trades again (I was still using Noobito, and Metanoia few days), in a different way, logging in some days, and other days dont, not logging in with the other chars and loging in this new one. Moreover with no house, how can he know its me? the trap was set.

Some days after this that new char appeared in market, my creepy friend doing it again. He waited 5 days since created to use the new char.

So I dont have proofs of a staff member giving info, but come on that dude may need some early professional help or at least some guts to face the problems he got against me.

With all respect isnt a question of "we cant do anything".
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Aug 31, 2011
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I trust my staff members and I highly doubt anyone is giving informations about secondary chars. Platinum is a small server, if you are selling the same things/pokemons from different characters, then it isn't hard to guess who you are, eventually if you send trade messages, they might be too similar to one another.

Besides the fact that creating similar names isn't illegal, this guy doesn't do anything wrong, he just adds diamonds offers on market, doesn't directly trade with other players, doesn't scam, so I don't see any problem.
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