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reduction HD (dollars) in game


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Dec 11, 2010
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Maybe I will give some ideas from myself. I'm not saying they are right, but maybe I will alert someone from the administration to create a new system/mission.

- I think that after so many years you can do missions on the cloned/shiny box, where at the very end the NPC will require a lot of money, (it can be above the market price if such a mission will be required to access some new respawn).
- Premier balls can only be used on shiny, and it is not a problem to buy them from other players maybe it is worth adding them for 200 hd to NPC? I personally would prefer rockets balls but we all know it's too big of a risk to harm paradox quest which is a milestone for new players.
- I heard that there are already fixed prices for helds. Maybe it is worth converting these prices into points that can be exchanged for random held or something else?
- Maybe it's possible to create some kind of held upgrade system that requires in-game cash?

By the fact that the recent promotions have been very profitable (introduced a new system + the recent mystery boxes with tickets) have caused a lot of cash to go into circulation, as a result of which inflation is growing faster and faster. If you do not introduce some solutions in the game, the situation may get out of control.


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Jul 20, 2014
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what about a NPc Held Buyer? Because some of them are lame and ppl aren't buying, so I suggest to have a NPC that you can actually sell those HELDS!!