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Daryl Forest

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Feb 5, 2018
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Hi everyone, together with my friend Pedrocadoso, we decided to create a kind of global whatsapp group for a little more entertainment and fun. If you are interested in participating, see a little about the group's rules and, if you agree with them. If yes, click on the invite link and welcome. Reinforcing: there it is only allowed to speak in English. All nationalities are welcome!

This group was created as a kind of global chat. Here it will be allowed to speak only in English. If you want and/or know another player and want to talk to him in your national language, call him in private. The essence of the group is to exchange information, help, friendships, ideas, among others. Any breaches of the game-related rules, especially advertisements of illegal sales, will be reported. In case of swearing, fighting, insulting or any other offensive behavior, you will be banned. Anyway, let's have fun.

To participing into, get a click on the link below.