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    Random Halloween Tournament 2021

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    BABA's [LT]

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    Song of the day

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    New raid system

    Really good idea, this system would be much fairer.
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    2nd PA Car Racing Tournament

    Talhababa - Pladinum
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    Players rarest catches

    Thanks for not tire me Delibird! You will add happiness to my team :)
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    Current exclusive mega stones

    My question is different. Raissa said she will make changes to 'mega stone hour' in near future, but there is still no change. 6 hours mega and 12 hours cooldown is really ridiculous.
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    Random Christmas Tournament

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    Insane house party in Mandarin Pokemon Center

    it was a nice party :D
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    Birthday Lottery

    https://prnt.sc/vrw7vf I shared it also on my profile.
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    Halloween Tournament!

    Hidir - Platinum He don't have forum account
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    Halloween Tournament!

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    BABA's [LT]

    Welcome to my LT Hello, I'm Talhababa. I started this game 2 years ago. I saw the game while my brother Metin was playing and we started playing together. Here are a few photos from those times :) I left the game for a while and came back 3 months ago.I will try to explain what I...
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    Buy Diancie

    Diancie sellers can write to me in game. Nick: Talhababa