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Global Crazy Cars Tournament!

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Mar 8, 2019
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Hello dear players.
We'd like to announce, that we'll do Crazy Cars Tournament!

Tournament will be global, that means there will be specially created world and all participants will have to copy their characters there.

Crazy Cars Tournament is going to happen at 30.12.2023 19:00 GMT+1

How it will work:
- There will be group eliminations
- Each group will have 4-5 players (depends how many will sign up)
- 2 players will advance from each group.
- Everyone has the same speed
- There will be 2 different tracks. For group eliminations and for finals.
- Each car can crash max 45 times and then driver dies.
- Track will have few parking lots on which you can change car for a new one (so it clears your crashes)

How to drive a car:
1. Enter to a car using right mouse click
2. Hold ctrl all the time from the beginning to the end of race + arrows to change directions.
* for example if you want to turn left, hold ctrl + left arrow
3. If you want to change car, stop holding ctrl and leave your car by using arrows or mouse map click.
4. If you want to enter to a new car and continue your race with it, repeat steps 1 and 2.


How to join:
- Post your name here or just log in on tournament world max at 19:00 GMT+1
- Adding to brackets starts at 18:00 GMT+1. Race will start 1 hour later. If you want to be on the list, you have to be online at 18:00
- There's no level limit
- You can join with only 1 character
- Transfer to tournament world is free.

1st Place: Chosen Pokemon (Zarude / Ash Greninja / Heatran) + 60 premium days + Outfit Bag + TM Case of player choice + Very Rare Card
2nd Place: Cloned Box + 30 premium days + Outfit Bag + TM Case of player choice
3rd Place: Pikachu Cosplay* or Elemental Box or Box 4 of player choice + 15 premium days + Outfit Bag

* Pikachu cosplay with full moveset and TM set + 1 unique spell depending on which cosplay winner choose.


Here a link to check the live hour: https://time.is/GMT+1
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