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Spring battle pass, promotion and increased rates


Mar 19, 2010
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A new battle pass is now available at the premium shop:
- Cost 50 diamonds
- 40 rewards in total
- There will be extra days to finish it once last reward is released, last day: 29/June/2024

Reward list
Day 1. 100x empty sport ball
Day 2. 1x Outfit bag
Day 3. 1x fossil dungeon key
Day 4. 1x Kanto box 3
Day 5. 2x wishing star
Day 6. 1x Spring lottery ticket (2024)
Day 7. 2x Grilled Magikarp dish
Day 8. 1x Rare Aura Unlocker
Day 9. 1x Cleffa bubble tea
Day 10. 1x Pikachu Ice cream
Day 11. 1x Extra loot ticket (24 hours)
Day 12. 1x TM case 4
Day 13. 150x empty premier ball
Day 14. 1x Johto box 3
Day 15. 1x 15 premium days ticket
Day 16. 1x Alcremie dessert
Day 17. 1x Mewtwo's Island ticket (second)
Day 18. 1x Castform access key
Day 19. 1x blue box
Day 20. 100x empty crystal ball
Day 21. 2x candy vending machine
Day 22. 1x Hoenn box 3
Day 23. 1x Voltstrike Dungeon key
Day 24. 150x empty fast ball
Day 25. 1x random TM case box
Day 26. 1x random held item box 2
Day 27. 1x TM case 20
Day 28. 1x Submarine key
Day 29. 1x Extra catch rate ticket (24 hours)
Day 30. 150x empty premier ball
Day 31. 1x charm unlocker
Day 32. 1x key to the Ultra Wormhole
Day 33. 1x Kalos box 3
Day 34. 1x TM case 21
Day 35. 1x TM case 24
Day 36. 1x Hoenn box 4
Day 37. 1x bait box
Day 38. 1x Piece of Blueberry Cake
Day 39. 1x Kalos box 4
Day 40. 2x fossil dungeon key

From 10/May untill 26/May we will enable Donation Promotion .
During this time you will receive 50% more points.

Every, person that will donate for 30+ (base) points will receive

1x Fossil dungeon box

1x Spring lottery ticket (2024)
1x Spring promotion box (2024)

Spring promotion box (2024) contains one of the following:

- bug net (unlinked)
- Castform held box
- Caterpie jar
- Cutiefly jar
- Fiery bait box
- fiery fisher rod (unlinked)
- Grimer jar
- INQ box
- random elemental box
- random held item box
- random held item box 2
- random TM case box
- Shiny Caterpie jar
- Shiny Grimer jar
- Shiny Venonat Jar
- Shiny Weedle jar
- TM case 24
- Venonat jar
- Weedle jar

Also there will be extra rates enabled during that period of time:
- Pokemon experience
- Shiny spawn rate
- Catch rate

- Fossil dungeon is now available.
- Keys from older dungenos are now available in the premium shop. (temporarily)
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Oct 18, 2015
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Shiny Aerodactyl

Rock Bomb - new target move that hits 3 times in area like seed bomb


Rock Formation - new aoe that hits twice up to 5sqms and pulls pokemons



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Feb 4, 2013
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what can i do with the lottery ticket if i bought the battle pass a few days ago? (if it doest have a use now , whats the point of add it if the people who can get the pass later cant use it?)