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Remake Raid Loot system

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Apr 22, 2014
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Hi, i'm here to suggest new loot in raid system.
Atm good reward is for most dmg and last hit.

How about to change it to:
A) all ppl will get % chance to get drop depending on dmg done
- for example u did 5% dmg u get 5% chance to drop main item.
- u did 0.1% you still have chance to win low but still.
So work u did in attack boss rise your chance to win.

B) after kill boss you drop token depending on dmg done, later you can use it on machine and roll, thr can be 3 token depending on dmg done.
1 lvl (1% - 4%) , 2lvl (5% - 7%), 3lvl (8% - 100%)
token can work like : example for 3lvl token
70% to drop easy item like Random Rare candy,balls,etc
25% for item like tm's , rare held's
5% for main items like very rare held, meowth bait ,shiny charm ability urge etc

I'm suggesting it because 90% drop get high lvl ppl, never seen ppl who did most dmg under 150lv.
10% drop get some random man if there is no richy hlv on rajd xD.
I know that hlvl is hard to get and its some kind of reward for them that they can move faster and easier to get closer to boss in raid but its unfair for new and poor player.

Xo Dolphy

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Mar 8, 2019
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Change was previously rejected, and yeah, some of high lvls are the most damage almost always to dont generalize it, and I'm aware they're studying constantly every single pokémon ingame to improve their team and try to beat every "raider" to be the best one, system IMO is good as it is now since people compete with themselves as I said to beat them all, thread closed.
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