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Xo Dolphy

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Mar 8, 2019
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Hello guys,
We are now creating professions and golden tower, in future guild systems, but we'd like to know what you - as players would like to have in game that would keep you interested in game, that is not necesarily based on character experience.

NOTE: This thread is only to apport any idea to the game, NOT random comments rejecting ideas nor off-topic, or you comment will be erased.
If you want to post an idea and what to know what the rest of people think about it you can create a Thread on General Discussion.

Feel free to post any idea, anyone will judge it.

NOTE 2: Ideas referred to raid system aren't allowed. zacianrage


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Mar 2, 2022
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hello I would like to contribute an idea, maybe they already have it covered, but it would be a good idea to add professions and sub-professions, for example professions that specialize in only one type of pokemon, battle systems or battle league according to the points you go winning in said league (style the leagues of the pokemon go game),
the sub-professions can be like pokemaniacs, or things like that, maybe you can find more ideas in the original pokemon games, more missions like for example include plasma teams from other regions that are very similar to team rocket.
I would be happy to contribute my ideas if you need it


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Apr 16, 2011
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Idea #1 Search Bar for in ur locker for pokemons o items
idea #2 Delete more Exhaust when u change pokemon from u team
idea #3 Use Potion to the pokemon of your team that are in the pokeball
idea #4 Throw pokeball faster for Big Respawn of pokemons
Thx u !

Dark Raze

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Jan 4, 2012
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-Remove Shared cooldown between fishing rod and pokeballs
-Add float hotkey bar for items/moves/text
-Remake asdw mode (chat off) + Space bar targeting (jump on target)
-Add motd for live channels/automatic welcome message
-Make it possible to use more than 3 charms at once since we have up to 10 pokes per respawn now


Jul 1, 2021
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I'm not sure if it sounds ridiclous but it'd really awesome if bigger/faster potion added on Juanito
Sometimes it takes 2 hyper potion to fullfill on pokemon with lot hp such as Alolan Ninetales etc.


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Jun 24, 2018
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I honestly would like new continents to be added. I know this demands high effort and was once declined but since u're open for suggestions.. Going to same spawns becomes boring at some point, having more options would relieve this boredom

Lately I've been noticing more people dedicating their time to increase catch counter and I think it's finally time to give catchers something, like a boost on catch chance that progresses with the lvl/catch (lucky clover is a bad joke)

Ofc quest for shinify poke that has already been raised multiple times (it doesn't encourage ppl to keep playing forever but if quest lvl is high enough that obviously becomes a reason to keep playing for a decent amount of time)

And some bolder suggestion.. implement (if feasible due to copyright or whatever reasons) some way for ppl to legally sell their stuff for real cash (with a diamond fee for example).. global is a success case in this matter. Ofc this would have to be very well designed but I honestly think this is the future


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Jul 11, 2014
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Padventures Factions

Level: 250 or 300+

When you reach level 250 you can join to one of the following teams:
  • Team Magma (Hoenn)
  • Team Aqua (Hoenn)
  • Team Plasma (Kanto)
  • Team Galactic (Johto)
In order to join a Team you Will need to complete a training quest (hard quest).

When you choose a team you must choose an alias to hide your identity. You can change the alias again every day.

Each team has a base (secret hideout) where you can perform various activities such as exclusive shops, private pokemon center, new missions and cloths.

To enter Factions Mode (PvP) you must equip your Team clothing. Once in this mode you Will not be able to get out til next 15 minutes, and you mustn’t be in combat to get out.

While you are in factions mode you get some bonuses (like extra speed, experience, loot, catch +1% and can be increased doing quests or leveling up your faction level) and the possibility of obtaining experience and faction points.

Your faction level Will determinate your influence in the team and you Will be able to unlock new missions as well as new outfits and rewards/bonus (Your faction level has nothing to do with your player’s level) You Will be able to get faction experience by completing faction quests and defeating wild pokemon in faction mode (PvP).

Faction Points are the reward you get for completing missions and raising your faction level. You can exchange them for items and more rewards as well as unlock new features (extra loot/exp/catch etc for faction mode).

When you are in faction mode you also enter PvP mode and you can be attacked by any other player who is also in faction mode and does not belong to your team. If you are defeated by another player you will lose experience and faction points (depends on the level difference and the players participating in the kill). The killer will steal your experience and faction points (for example steals 20-40% of your points). Also when you die you get an extra penalty like a fine etc (to avoid trade points).

There is a chance to leave from your team if the leader (NPC) is bribed with X diamonds (like 30-50). You will not be able to rejoin the same team for a minimum of 10 days.

From time to time private and global faction events will be triggered. Private events consist of raids inside the faction's headquarters (only members of the faction can join). Global events consist of bringing all 4 factions together to perform a competitive task and activate a faction reward upon completion (ie only 1 of them gets it). Among these events are for example stealing a valuable item that has been seen in a location (the location is broadcasted at the same time with a global message to members of all factions. You must be in faction mode in order to participate).

(EXTRA) Once a month there will be "The Fortress War". For 1 hour the barracks will be vulnerable and can be attacked and invaded by other factions. The objective is to defeat the head guards of the enemy fortress and place the guild flag on the top of the barracks. Faction members can choose to defend the faction or attack another faction. So, a faction can conquer up to a maximum of 3 fortresses in 1 hour. The rewards will be dropped by the final bosses (like legendary pokemon boss) as well as some points and experience among the participants and a global bonus if you conquer a fortress or if you defend yours successfully.

(EXTRA 2) Faction Quests. The player will be able to choose 1 of 3 available missions every 6 hours. The mission types are: capture X pokemon and deliver it, deliver X items, defeat X pokemon, defeat X players, ... These missions will have a random difficulty level and appropriate rewards.


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Jul 24, 2017
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Based on the mechanics of the 'Pokémon Ranger' video games the: 'Capure styler' is a device used by the Rangers to capture Pokémon. Captures are temporary and only allow Pokémon to be used for various actions, Poké Assists, and field moves.

In video games: The power of a captor to take control of the Pokémon is based on friendship. By tracing a circle with the capture line, the captor conveys the owner's friendly feelings through the capturing disc, if he manages to fully convey them the Pokémon is captured.

How could this work in PAdventures?

- First of all to get the 'Capture styler' you must finish a specific mission.

- Once you get the 'Capture styler' you can only use it on specific Pokémon.

- The 'Pokémon' captured with the 'Capture styler' will be temporary and should expire in 'x' amount of time.

- The 'Pokémon' captured with the 'Capure styler' can be used as a support and can follow you wherever you go (it could be limited and disappear if you perform actions such as 'flying', ’surfing’, ’riding’, doing a 'teleportation' or ’dying’).

- The 'Pokémon' captured with the 'Capture styler' will attack whatever the 'Player' is targeting at, but its movements will be random (as if they were a passive) and they will deal reduced damage.

- The 'Pokémon' captured with the 'Capure styler' will be ignored by other 'Wild Pokémon' they will only attack the 'Player' or their 'Normal Pokémon' if they are in 'combat', 'outside their pokéball', 'inside their pokéball', or 'defeated', in case of not having a 'own Pokémon' in combat, the 'Player' it will be attacked by the 'Wild Pokémon' even if it has the 'Pokémon' captured with the 'Capure styler' in use.


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Aug 28, 2012
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Alolan Box Quests
Similar to LoL Borders (everytime you level up your account, the color of the border changes) would be nice to have auras unlocked after reach lvl 130 for pokemons to keep using them a little bit further more


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Oct 22, 2015
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A monthly championship or every fifteen days based on points winning them in a duel/guild war/ 1 v1 like pvp red and blue
The general idea is to create a ranking where the players with the most points face each other

a queue that allows you to enter it with the push of a button and make it a balanced versus
a rule that limits the pokemon used in the last championship to see more diversity idk limit 3 pokemon if you were in the top 5-10

to win what?
I think that in the current pokemon everything is debasing then the main rewards:

1.- would be access to special places (only during the time they are in the ranking) why not? put legendaries in those places in all games can be caught
-with a certain amount of balls that do not make it tedious to do it
-that the legendary change every 15-30 days depending on the duration of the championship
-that the pokemon captured there is not tradable
-and that it not only be a respawn where it takes 5 hours because the pokemon respawns every 10 minutes

2.- balls,
3.- old pokemon addon that are great and are lost because they only occurred in past events
4.-special auras
5.-random tms, random helds
6.- megas
7.-some premium days

it would be nice to see that accepting the queue takes you straight to the pvp arena where other people can see

and why not a statue with your name in pvp for as long as you are the top 1

Aroma Lady

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Aug 1, 2017
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Oh my god, they asked for my opinion! It's my turn to shine!

Okay, let's start with the brainstorm!


First, please use A LOT of common items, Seeds, Bones, Bug antenna, Stone Orbs. These are cool game-themed items, and they need to be more useful than just "Oh, I'm just going to sell some loot"
And when I say a lot it's something like "5~7k seeds" (Which I calculate to be not too low a value for older players, as well as not too high for new players.)

It would be interesting to create some craft for the forgotten "Bottle with a Message" (I just never found any use for it, and I imagine there is not

- Possibility to create an item that allows fishing in places without water, like a bucket (it would be fun to fish a Wailord from a bucket xD) {but it could be more realistic like creating a "crack" in rocks, or a "pit" in earth. where the water comes from.}
The item would last for a short time, and would disappear/need to be recharged.

- Possibility of creating a "Fertilizer"(or flower perfume) that would make the respawn of grass (or bug) type pokes shorter, single use, medium duration.
- Possibility of create an item with the Sh Charm mechanic, for an Elder Venussaur (lvl 90~130) to appear for each dead Venu.
Which would introduce Elder Venu as a playable poke with a stupidly low chance, which is great for keeping the mechanic alive for a long time. (same for hidrologist with elder blas?)

- Meh, boring profession. xD
- But it could create an item that would give a "type" on ball. A utility I always think of is something like "Cracked Ultra Ball", which would make the pokemon leave the ball with 30% health, allowing skills like "Torrent" and "Blaze" to work more efficiently.


- A "quest delivery" system, something like a map to be found or an X amount of pokemon to be defeated, which would give a random key (green, red or purple) making it possible to open those boxes that no one opens xD
(I don't know the game's numbers, but I imagine it's something that people don't buy from the diamond market)
It could be something cheap to build, just to create demand for the boxes.

- Possibility to give a boost (temporary or not) on the held "Comet Shard" or creation of a new held, which allows a chance to spawn a fossil pokemon from a mining.
This would give more dynamics to some older respawns. In addition to a way (rare and that wouldn't affect the game) to capture some of the fossil pokemon currently uncatchable (Rampardos, Tyrantrum, Carracosta....)

- As some spoilers have been given that fighters will use lava surfing, one way to not add Sh Torkoal to the game at fixed respawn and add a sh to Magcargo and create a mechanic around them (perhaps other "lava/volcano" themed pokemons) is to craft a temporary fishing bait, that works only on lava.
Creating a demand for an item that is difficult to create and yet in good demand.


Golden Tower

I want the Golden Tower to be a success, an absolute success, I loved the concept and especially the prizes, but we haven't had much information about it yet, so it's hard to create theories about it that don't go out of the way.
Make it hard, make it hard like leveling a low level poke in malie's grass respawn (with constant damage, but viable), but not unfair like Fly's respawn in Vermilion (where you take a 10k hit out of nowhere)
Makes you have to manage resources more than hard, this is more complicated, but keeping a poke alive is more difficult. (maybe an idea is to enter with less pokemon? 3 would be more than enough for a 2 player team to have a good variety, maybe even 2)
Oh! And do not add more options to the Mega Voucher. PLEASE.
Give us more information about the Golden Tower! People demand! xD

PS.: I know it's not the purpose of the post, but adding Sh to the Ultra Wormhole can be a way to keep respawn alive for much longer. (as well as Frond Island)
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Jun 30, 2019
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4th Charm Slot
An permanent charm slot could be added to the premium shop for x amount of points.
Any player who purchases can have a maximum of 4 active charms instead of 3.
I think this would be useful to improve the benefits when we go to hunting areas.


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Sep 24, 2015
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1- Indirect Trade System: (different from the current one by Poke/Item market), for example: nowadays we have many problems with frustrated negotiations, since a good part of the players can not receive a "no" or an offer that does not satisfy them, then I remembered a trade system in a game I played and it worked as follows: I am selling an elder charizard, someone anonymously gave me an offer that would pay 1kk in cash + X item (any item to complete the value), another player offered me 1.5kk in pure cash + X item (any other item). I would accept the offer that satisfied me the most, without having to negotiate directly with the player in question.

2- Boss rotation: In Tibia (I know the systems are different), we players have an extra motivation to stay online daily, which is exactly because we have a daily boss rotation with a cd of 18h between bosses. I think it would be interesting to have a system like this in PAdventures, where we could rotate bosses per day, with chances to drop some items, TM's or other stuffs.

3- Party Hunt System: I believe it could be an additional interaction between players and the need to hunt together with others, I do not know how this could be fitted into the game, but I believe the first step is to have the idea in mind.

4- Staff Expansion: I see that many times some plans are frustrated, delayed or canceled because the staff does not keep the game as an obligation (which are right) and in my view, have a reduced number of people in the contingent. My suggestion for this would be to look for new members, or people who can do a rewarded "freelance". I am sure that among the PAD players, certainly some or several know how to make maps, edit, among other things. And I believe that if the Staff would ask and reward such players for some achievements, the community would not be angry. Example: a player that made the Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos maps, be rewarded with a Shiny of his choice, or a player that reworked an X amount of Pokemon also be rewarded, another player that worked on 20 different quests and so on.

5- More random PVP tournaments: when there is a PvP tournament with random Pokemon, it is more exciting and fair than a tournament where people can use their Pokemon they already own, with their expensive and powerful Held they already own. Random PvP is more challenging and actually rewards the good player and not just a specific niche of players.

6- Changes in the PvP system: currently we don't see many duelists in the game, when you stop for a turn in PvP, what you see are always the same faces, which is discouraging. There could be significant changes in the game mechanics regarding Player vs Player.

7- Diversity in Events: I believe many players have been frustrated with the Christmas and Valentine's Day events. Both with the prizes and the mechanics. On Christmas we had an event that was given the spoiler with a few hours of release, and on Valentine's the same boring and tiresome mechanics of Halloween, which is to kill Unowns to get average prizes. Besides the event boxes containing bad and meaningless prizes, like TM Cases of all kinds (which could have been solved if they decreased it to, for example, TM Case 19-21, instead of 1-21).

8- New Quests and Rework on Old Quests: I believe that there is no player who is satisfied with the quests in the game and the awards we get in such places. What player in his or her right mind will spend hours and lose patience to receive a TM Case 12 in an absurdly difficult quest? Or will do all the mechanics in a quest like Aga's Hell? I believe that both could have new quests with rewards consistent with their difficulty and also new rewards for the old ones, where the players who have already completed them, could do them again. Another example is the Master Rod Quest, which requires patience and an absurd amount of time for a reward that changes nothing if you do not have a Meowth Bait, since the difference between Ultra and Master Rod basically changes if you have a bait, otherwise, there is no difference. Speaking of which, why can't we have the chance to drop a Meowth Bait from a boss that, oddly enough, is Meowth, in Master Rod? I believe it would be an incentive for players to do the quest, even if the percentage of drop is lower.

9- New (and fair) awards for Catch, Level and Account Time: I believe that this is also another unanimity in relation to players, since what motivation does a player have to reach level 300, for example, and win a Johto 4 box? Or an old player, with his 10 year old account, receiving a Mega Voucher (that if used, becomes non-transferable, besides only being able to use one per account) at level 250? Or the motivation of a player to have more than 600 Catch and receive average prizes, in the face of such difficulty? I believe that some adjustments in these issues would be an excellent way to reward good players, who dedicate themselves in game, either to get good levels or many catches. Or even those who have been dedicated to the game for a long time, with accounts since the beginning.

10- Card System: New Pokémon drops and achievements: We could have new Pokemon dropping cards of several levels, mainly Very Rare Card. And, who knows, the introduction of new Tier Cards, like Legendary Cards, Mythic Cards, Pseudo-Lendary Cards, among others. Accompanied by better and more instigating rewards so that we can run after these awards.

11- Incentive Systems for New Players: Nowadays there is not much attraction for those who start the game. If there is a simple research, without being based on opinion, but with old players and known faces in the game, we can see that little is seen new faces in the game. When we do, it is someone who comes, asks a question and never logs back. Or someone who spends one or two weeks playing and loses total interest. I believe a greater focus on who is arriving, with good rewards and incentives, would bring a good amount of new players to the server, either with possibilities of catches increased to a certain level, lower prices for buying and higher for selling, a lower difficulty to get certain things (since the game is nothing more than a hobby for all of us, not a focus on making money and spending anger)

12- More frequent (or permanent) Rate Increases: We hardly see players looking for captures and more levels these days. People tend to spend more time chatting in PvP or just logging into double rate events. I believe that having a permanent rate increase, especially in Player XP/Catches, would be another attraction. As well as calling more players back into the game in double-fare events. To get an idea, just look at the number of players in normal times (between 80~130 on the main server) and in double rate periods (200+ on the main server and 80+ on Platinum). If increasing player level rate, encouraging such players to pursue more achievements/players. Some may not like it, find it "too easy", however, for those who don't have much time to play or who are coming, higher XP/Catch rates are a big incentive.

Well, these are some ideas that I can propose at the moment. I have a few others and, if they are well-received, I can present them at another time. I believe that we can increase the Lore of the game and bring new and more players to it, that it is possible that the game will have a large number of players attending, both the old ones returning and the new ones. In addition to, of course, with all this, the game's internal market is rotating (since the market is very still even on a server like Diamond, among other benefits.

Carlos Eduardo

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Feb 24, 2019
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New Region
I honestly believe that something that could make the game grow and attract more public, would be the introduction of a new region! The last island of Alola was introduced a short time ago, and that's amazing, even if it's missing the Trials and Quest, the map of Alola is literally complete!
A new region would bring new cities , houses, new Pokémons , Quest , new respawns for all levels for hunting and Xp.
Whenever I go to talk about Padventures to my friends, I always comment : " it's like an open world where I can travel freely between Kanto, Johto , Hoen , orange islands and Alola !"
Having sinnoh , unova , kalos or even galar in the game would be amazing ! I know it is something that would demand a lot of time, but for me it is ideal.

ps: Even if it is not now, or this year, or take a long time, but you already have in mind which region would be the next to be introduced?

Hisui Region

I thought of Hisui as a faster development option, even though the region is huge, in Hisui it becomes smaller because it basically boils down to the Jubilife Village and the ice zones, forests, fields and Mount Coronet. It would basically be a huge continent where nature is the main focus!
It could be created an access Quest involving celebi or Arceus for time travel !
An addition of Hisui that I find amazing are the Pokémon Alphas ! Which are the same Pokémon we already have, only bigger.
In Padventures we could have the Alphas that can be captured in Hisui, they would have a bigger Sprite than their common form (Honestly just the bigger Sprite would make me go after them), and a second idea would be to give them 5-10% more attributes than their common versions (something similar to Cloneds). To capture the Alpha Pokémon would be using a special Pokeball of the time (could be sold in the Premium shop , or sell access to the npc that factory).
In Hisui also have the challenges that are the Noble Pokémon , that could be as the Trials of Alola or even as Boss or Mini Boss that when defeating you would receive a reward of the npc responsible for them.

Champion and Pokémon League

Something that we have in every game are the Region Champions, only the strongest trainers get the title!
In the game currently only Kanto has a headquarters of the Pokémon League with Battle grounds and etc.
So I will give the idea based on Kanto and this could be extended to the other regions.
At first I would like to propose a rework of the Gymnasiums and their difficulties with all leaders having 6 Pokémon, with stronger Pokémon, in the last form and all level 130 and maybe 1 or 2 lv 150.
In Nintendo games we have the progression that we start with easy Gyms to the last hardest . This is something I don't think works in Padventures, and it would be great to have them reworked to a challenge for lv 120-130+ players and all on a hard difficulty. In case of rework everyone who already did the gyms would have to do it again ! To compensate the difficulty, each leader would give as a reward the badge + a TM (like in Nintendo games where most of the Gym give a TM to the player)(ps: The badges could be dropable to use in House? xD)

After we conquered the 8 badges we could fight against the Elite 4 , with a similar footprint to Golden Tower, with limited amount of Revive and portions.
After defeating the Elite 4, we would gain entry to the tournament for the title of Region Champion. This tournament would be along the lines of the tournaments the team already holds today and could take place every 3-5 months(depends on team availability) and would be held by the game team preferably at each Region's Pokémon League headquarters, similar to the tournament Ash in the anime participates in after he conquers all the insignias!
The winner of the Tournament would win maybe some prizes (EX: shiny charm, abilitu urge or Meowth Bait, premium) , but mainly he would enter to the Hall, that would register the information of the last 3 or 5 Champions, where he could have a statue of him with the Pokémon that he used. He would receive the title of Champion of Kanto, which could be seen by looking at the player or his profile.
A second idea would be to create a npc with the name of the current champion, copying his outfit and the team he used to win the league (this npc would change with each new champion) and he would be available to be challenged in duels (or even be the npc after the elite 4).
I made the idea thinking of Kanto but it could be valid for all the regions we have in PA, So we have the Champion of Kanto, Jotho, Alola and Hoen

For me the gym and league is something very striking for Pokémon and in Padventures it's so forgotten :/ and even easy.

Ps1: Not my style of play PvP or duel , but this is missing in the daily game of players who like, perhaps an AUTOMATIC daily tournament system PvP/Duel. Where players go up in rank or accumulating points to exchange for rewards . It could have seasons (2-3 months where each season has new rewards). I emphasize the word Automatic because I know that the team does not have availability every day for something like that. It is something complicated and perhaps difficult to do, but if it happened, many players would remain in the game and attract many .

ps2: I used a translator
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