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Moxie Ball

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Feb 5, 2012
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Moxie Ball - Catch rate 1x or 2x.
Given in events
Cannot be thrown on cloned, shiny or special pokemon
Cannot be thrown if the player has reached extra chance on that certain pokemon
Pokemon caught by this ball come with Moxie ability by default, and keep the ability 100% on evolving. Resetting the ability returns it to normal and gives an ability in dex for that pokemon.

I came up with this suggestion due to the popularity of Ability Urge, which is used to copy Moxie most of the time. Ability Urge is expensive, and not everyone can have it. With this ball, everyone can have a shot at their favorite pokemon. It will not break any balance because Moxie is useless in PvP and in raids as well. Yet, only a select few pokemon have access to this ability (unless you are rich). This ball has an inherently low catch rate, this will allow lesser used pokemons to be caught more often in it. For example, no one uses Dustox, but with this ball a Wurmple can be caught easily and evolved into it. Of course you can try your luck with rarer pokemon, but with such low catch rate, it will be very very rare.

Not open for further replies.