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Letter to Santa Claus - Contest 2021

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Oct 18, 2015
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Christmas is near! It's a perfect time to write your letter to Santa Claus!

- The Letter has to be written by you, not by uncle google.
- Minimum words: 300, maximum words: no limit. If you're not sure how many words your story contains, use this website: https://wordcounter.net/
- The letter cannot contain: offensive words, insults towards anyone, sexual nor racist content.
- The letter has to be written in english. If u have problems in that, ask tutors for a favor of translating it.
- Letter has to be posted here in this thread.
- You are free to participate participate in every contest (House/Drawing/Letter to Santa Claus), but just win in 1, It means that If you get any place in for example house contest, automatically you'll be out of drawing contest.
- Contest ends at 31/12


1st Place: Zarude + 60 premium days + Outfit Bag + TM Case of player choice
2nd Place: Cloned Box + 30 premium days + Outfit Bag + TM Case of player choice
3rd Place: Pikachu Cosplay* or Elemental Box of player choice + 15 premium days + Outfit Bag

* Pikachu cosplay with full moveset and TM set + 1 unique spell depending on which cosplay winner choose.
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Apr 17, 2014
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Gliwice, Poland
Dear Santa!


As every year, Celadon has been wrapped in soft, white fluff and from a distance you can see the glow of flickering, colorful lights. Celadon Mall is full of Pokemon trainers who slowly buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones, and Juanito, as always, complains about how hard this life is - as you can see, nothing has changed since last Christmas. For several days now, the sky over Celadon has been exceptionally beautiful - pink. Someone once said that then the Elves are already baking cookies for Santa Claus or Team Rocket is preparing another surprise. You've gained a bit of weight recently, so this year, fit cookies are waiting for you next to my fireplace and instead of honey milk, I left for you alcohol free mulled wine.

As you know, Christmas is a magical time when we stand still for a moment and forget about all the bad things that have happened to us. It is a time of joy and sharing what we have with each other. This year was very hard… we lost our close friends, some went bankrupt because of gambling, but despite that we were all able to unite and spend together events. This year, I would like to ask you for two things. I would ask for lots of Dream Balls so I could finally catch Shiny Flabebe and make my dream come true - catch my first Shiny Pokemon. And the second thing ... have Zireael finally catch Cloned Lapras - friends are the most important after all.

If I asked for too much and you are not able to fulfill my wishes, I hope that anyway you will make our holidays a little more pleasant this year. AND! I forgot! I hope I won't find a Deletera Ticket under the Christmas tree ;) I have left a few Berries for your Stantlers next to the Christmas tree on the balcony. Now enjoy the music from my Santa music box. Play: Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you.

PS. I hope no one will kidnap you this year ... the last months have been very mysterious ...
Himbeere, Diamond
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May 6, 2015
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Hey Santa,
what’s up there? How Your and Your Helpers life is going? I hope You all are ok and stay healthy. Christmas time is close, huh... I can just imagine how much work You have during that time, many children and even adults ones are waiting for You and dreamed presents. I would like to ask about determination, patience, calm, creativity and so, but I know I can not get them from You, I need to get them by my own and I can assure You, I work for long time with them and still trying to be better. You may ask me for what they are needed for. You know, finally I moved with wife to our house where we need to do some renovation and all of these, let’s say „things” would be helpful, would be good to get them by snapping a finger, but it won’t happen, I need to work out by my own.
These are such unreal dreams which only I can get by my hard work, but I will do it, I promise!

So I am writing this letter on behalf of me and my wife and let us make a request for what is possible, something real, what You could gift us (if we were good enough of course). We would like to ask for a kind of big dark brown dining table with 6/8 chairs. Kitchen and dining room are special places for us (don’t ask me why, I don’t know) and such a set would be dreamed present for us to be closer to end these places in house. Finally then we could invite some family members, friends and so (or make a New Year party)! Now is quite hard to find them by our own, cuz of things which happens around us and not having enough time, so getting them, it would be such a miracle (Christmas miracle)l! Maybe it isn’t something special, something hard to get, but with all what we have been through, receiving those things would be like one of our small dreams came true, realy! Anyway, if that is impossible, please give us, something small like picture/anything other, what could remind us You. I can make You sure, we will be happy anyway and it won’t be wasted, especially that it can be one of first presents which we can get in our new home, that would mean more than just a thing! Also if You will visit us, with Rudolf and Helpers, please enjoy what we have prepared (was quite hard, cuz kitchen isn’t ready yet) and take some cookies and few bottles of milk for Yours long journey from house to house!
Keep warm, greetings!


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Aug 18, 2011
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December 2021​

sylveoncosplay Dear Santa Claus
I don't know if you will receive this letter or even read it, but well, I'll write it anyways.
The days pass by, another Christmas and what could I ask you except for my family, my friends, my pets and all the people around the world, at my age I can't ask you for toys or expensive things, because I learned the real value of life, yeah yeah cliché.

But if I have to choose a present from you I would ask you 3 things "Time" "Love" "Loyalty"
and how can those be presents?

Well as Dialga does, have the power of control the time and get back to you, see you, hug you, and talk with you one last time, because for me, the time is very important and I consider it the most precious gift you can give me. Santa perhaps oneday you'll find it out.

Tons of Love to being as Plusle and Minun the negative and positive conection, for my love, if he need to absorb a bit of my energy I will give him everthing. Santa love is not weaknesses.

And the last but more important The Loyalty, Espeon, Gardevoir, Drampa, Growlithe and of course Pikachu are the most loyalty Pokémons that I know, and that's why I would like to ask you for your loyalty. Santa you know than you have everything when someone loyal is next to you.

In other words, Time to catch my favorite Shiny or Cloned Pokémon, Love to never sell Pokémons that I like a lot, and The Loyalty is everthing.

Don't waste your money buying expensive presents, don't waste your time choosing between presents I don't need, Don't waste your energy, your mind, your soul. Just give me Time, Give me Love, and be Loyal when I'm not around, I'll be glad Dear Santa if You give me those presents I'll enjoy the time I spend around the ones I love.
To my Padventures friends and mates hope you all get what you're asking for, shinies, cloneds, loot, exp, catch, cards! Enjoy the game and make whatever makes you happy the life is too short to worry about.

Greetings to Rudolph I admired its work.
Merry Christmas~

Arashi Pam
Jul 2, 2021
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Dear Santa, the truth is that I never wrote you a letter before so I don't know where to start... I guess at the beginning, right? right?
I don't want to overwhelm you with questions so I'll tell you a little bit about what I experienced this year in padventures.

After a long time I decided to start my adventure (again) after years of inactivity, at the beginning everything was very confusing something similar to running before learning to walk, everything was new and shiny, very very very different from how I remembered it; but well after all it was still a pokemon world ¿what could possibly go wrong?... After a rather chaotic start, I remember ending up at the celadon casino, I had with me a few pokedollars that some nice guy decided to give me (maybe out of pity, in his eyes I was a complete noob) the idea was simple, I had to double my money and like a Hollywood movie that same afternoon I ended up sitting on a bench outside the pokemon center - I had lost everything - that was when I had the luck (or the disgrace) to meet the man who would become my mentor "Gzyao" he looked at me and said "pa jotos estar sentado lo bueno es estar en cuatro" (translating it into English he said a stupid thing, yes a stupid thing no more and no less).

That was the beginning of our relationship (no homo) he taught me the basics to survive in this pokemon world and he helped me in my first week here, well I really don't know if he was trying to help me or he was just having fun playing with me (i'm sure it was the latter), for example: sometimes I was fishing quietly in celadon beach and he would appear out of nowhere, cast his rod and caught 4-5 pokes after that he would run away while spaming "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk", yep that was every day.... Time was running and days went by, at that time I was around level 30 and Gzyao decided to invite me to his guild (another big mistake) "Inglourious Basterds" santa I'm 100% sure that just by reading the name you get an idea of what kind of creatures were in that guild, when I entered this mmm this mmmmm how could I call it? Ah I know, this swamp, this nest of trolls or better yet this godforsaken place; they all greeted me with mmmm with mmm love???? I guess constant bullying means love and affection (probably not).
But hey I had found a place where I felt comfortable, this motivated me to continue my adventure and although I didn't have much luck with catches that didn't stop me, little by little I was leveling up and building my pokemon team; on the other hand in the guild there was always something to do whether it was meeting in pvp to hang out or vandalizing some public place (roleplay). I felt like a kid again and every day there was something new to do, things like: level up a couple of levels, try to catch some rare or valuable pokemon, explore some new place for me or just waste time in pvp (by the way, that last one was the most common).

I think I talked about too much, although as a summary I would say that "it was a very fun few months".
Anyway I guess it would be very selfish of me to use you as a "source of wishes" so don't worry to make up for it I will leave under the christmas pine tree a tray with tacos and 2 liters of coke, I think in other countries they usually give you cookies and milk but in Mexico we don't usually eat that kind of things, well I could change the drink for tequila after all you need to stay awake all night... yes it will be a pretty long night delivering gifts, now that I think about it 1 day of work for 364 of rest is not bad at all.. that would be the dream of many of us.

Aaa by the way I almost forgot, for this christmas I would like to ask just one thing -it's a simple and complicated wish at the same time- I wish more and more people start playing padventures or take it up again, seeing the game so empty makes me sad (I still remember johto's beta, it was about 2 weeks of pure laughter) I hope more people are active day after day and little by little it returns to be the community it once was.
By the way, as a new year resolution I would like to improve my english (I'm a potato) and hopefully learn some polish (dzien dobry), currently there are many polish players on pad I would like to know what the hell they write/say in the game and now seriously speaking could you take my Aveo and leave me under the christmas pine a mitsubishi lancer? come on I know you can do it, do your thing, at least leave me a spare tire, the only one I had was stolen this year….

Well santa I hope you have fun this christmas (with so much work i doubt it) and remember to use mask and antibacterial gel while you work aaaaaa I almost forgot when you are flying over mexican lands be careful with the bullets, I hope your reindeer are insured.

me and the boiiiss before the incident


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Mar 10, 2014
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Dear Santa Claus, unfortunately I am writing this letter to you for the third time, because my mother tore the first two. She tells me to finish playing games and look for a job. She wants to kick me out of the house. It's a bad woman - evil. Work is not enough. Passion and goals are important in life. My goal is to catch all the pokemons and complete all the tasks. To be number one. My dream will probably never come true, but this year I am asking you to catch aerodactyl. I've been very polite this year.

Your friend Pyrkosz, 32 years old

I have too few words, so I will be disqualified. Forgive me for these jokes, dear players and staff, I wanted to make you smile. Merry Christmas to all!


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Apr 20, 2014
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Dear Santa Claus, it’s me, Matadorkempes from Platinum Server

How are you? I hope you and Mrs. Klaus are fine.
How about me? Well, I’m not good at all, why? let me tell you, year after year I have been sending you letters about asking you for a Shiny Sylveon, but as always, what Is what I have gotten? Nothing! Even when I have been a very good boy, I still got nothing!

So, this year I’m going to do the things on a different way.
You may ask how? Well, I just decided to kidnap your lovely “Prancer”, one of your favorite reindeer
and if you want to see him again you must bring some stuffs for me.

I have got two simply request for you, the first one is to bring me a Shiny Sylveon, I don’t care what level and it can be without TMs, I have some to put on it,
second one is to bring me a Big Shrimp Bait so I can keep leveling my fishing level, you know I like pretty much fishing during Fast Shiny Respawn events.

When and where to deliver?
Bring them to my house at Rustboro and put them on my Christmas tree on a box with a ribbon. Maybe I will leave you some cookies, or maybe not.
It is your choice if you want to see your lovely “Prancer” again

do not worry about Prancer feeding, ill take care of it but I might not be so generous on his haircut, I may want to dye his hair pink, so you better be fast.

PS: this a picture or Prancer, he doesn’t look very happy, I think he miss his blanket, so you better hurry up and he will be okay if you complete my little petition, Merry Christmas.

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Lord Malboro

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Feb 3, 2012
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Dear Santa Claus,

This year was quite difficult in the pokemon world, with the appearance of a new disease that infected some trainers and caused fear in many of us, we stayed at home for a few days until the discovery of the cure, as you know our scientists are very intelligent and efficient, and thanks to Arceus, this disease didn't also contaminate our Pokemons, they are immune to it, thank goodness!

This year, dear Dad, I took really good care of my friends and also all my Pokemons, I gave a lot of love to all of them, I helped my neighbors with some chores and I helped my classmates with some activities they didn't know. a lot, I participated in some volunteer programs and mainly was a very good boy this year, I did everything I could to be the best person the world has ever had, I don't know if I was, but I tried with all my heart.

However, our world still has some problems and some bad people, some people who are not polite, some people who have no love of neighbor, some people who don't treat their Pokemon well, so my dear and beloved Santa Claus, I don't want ask you for toys or even special pokeballs this year, but I want to ask you to send more love, more compassion, more education and especially more kindness, because that's what we need at this moment, the most difficult thing is over, but I think it's essential that some characteristics remain forever, I also ask that you take care of those who do not have a home and those who do not have family to spend Christmas and New Year, these are the deepest desires of my heart, I want to thank you dear Santa Claus, for always being with us and never having forgotten us, you are and always will be the good and beloved old man, thank you so much and see you next Christmas!

Affectionately, Lord Malboro. ❤️

Lord Malboro - Diamond
Note: I used Google Translate. ;)


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Jun 12, 2018
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dear Santa,

I haven't kept track in a while, but I believe it should be around the year 2031. Can You imagine? It's been 11 years since the damn covid started, and look where we are now...
Some may find me superstitious, but at this point, the only people that could create miracles are either You or God. It's all gone to hell, I wish I used my life a bit more than I have. You know...children usually write letters to You to ask for some things, but I am not concerned with those things anymore, I am just wondering are you happy? Are you safe? I hope the situation didn't impact You as well on the North Pole. Mrs. Claus, elves and the reindeers also. Having enough food to eat, or a shelter to sleep in is enough for me considering how the situation became so doomed lately...After they started adding one covid vaccine after another, humans started mutating into abominations or monstrosities that devour on other people. The worst thing is that it started from the higher society because the whole thing was mandatory, so the rest of us few who haven't taken any vaccines are struggling to survive in isolated vicinities to protect ourselves from the mutated ones. That's why I said I'm worried about You, and about some of the people I haven't seen in years...

How long will this last? I don't know. No one does. But I hope it will end, eventually at least. I hope everything will be back to normal and that we can reconstruct everything that we've lost due to mankind killing itself. Christmas has always given me hope, I don't know which one, but it does. The ray of light shines above us, I know You have our backs covered, You always had.

Love, Mirza. Umbreonplease



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Sep 24, 2015
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Dear Santa,

This year, particularly, has been very difficult. Due to the Covid pandemic, I have gone through several personal ordeals, where only this year I lost my grandmother and a very dear uncle to the disease. As if this were not enough, I also lost my great companion in life, my 12 year old dog, to cancer. These were irreparable losses that left an emptiness in my heart and only the pain of an immense longing. My father was diagnosed with cancer again, since he had already beaten it, so it is one more battle for us to face. In the face of this, with a dark scenario in my life, I returned to the game I've been part of for 11 years (padventures) and this time with the server has been very good for me, for my head and my thoughts, it has helped me to clear my head, to have fun moments, either with friends or capturing some Pokémon I like. Since the year is not all about sadness, I have a lot to be thankful for the experiences I have gained, the people I have met, and the accomplishments I have achieved. I tried to be the best person I could and help as many people as possible, I loved and was loved, I gave and received affection, I gave and was given gifts. I believe that this is the Christmas spirit, of giving and receiving in common, of unity and love, and this has been done throughout the year by all of us. I still believe in a Christmas miracle and that next year we will be able to conquer together this disease that has been affecting the whole world. To the community, I wish for love, unity, and fraternity among everyone, that friendship and the greater good unite us, and that everyone has a New Year full of blessings and accomplishments together with their families and friends.

So, Santa Claus, I know that things have been difficult for everyone these last few years, that you have been very busy helping everyone, giving gifts to everyone, but if possible, I would like to receive a gift at the end of the year. Anyway, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

With much love, Kyro, from the Diamond server

Note: I searched for someone who could translate, but was unsuccessful, so I had to resort to google translate.

Kyro - Diamond


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Jul 31, 2014
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Dear Santa Claus, it has been a while since I wrote a letter to you, I think I stopped believing with time, I do not know if you still remember me I am that boy (TETSUYA PLATINUM) that always cared about material things.

But this current situation that we live today with crises and pandemics I learned that we should value more the next and family time is worth more than any material possession. I lost some friends and relatives in these two years that have passed. They led me to believe that we should strive to live every second that we have with the ones we love and learn from the elders their immense wisdom. I would like to know how are you? And your family, are you well? I would like to ask that all those who have lost someone and those who are left alone be comforted by your visit that they may find and again the love and friendship that may have been lost.
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