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[Recovery] good night i lost some pokes

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master mitsuki

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Jan 16, 2014
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hello good night I make this thread to inform you that I lost some pokes that are
Red gyarados 130 Moxie Reflect and Rain dance
Sheninja 130 Infiltrator Storm Shadow and Onslaught
Shiny Wugtrio 130 Moddy Water Tornado and Water Whirlpool
Toxtricity 130 lowkeyform No Guard toxicity and toxic cloud
Shiny Ludicolo Own Tempo Bullet Seed and Petal Blizzard

The red gyarados had equipped Shiny charm and Smart candy

The Sheninja was equipped with the Nanab Berry and Professional Pitchar Clove.

and I would like to tell you that the pokes on this day have doubled many times more than 15 pokes that I already reported and I gave it to sylveon and it was solved I inform you because I want you to know
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