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Engineer [Steel/Electric]


Aug 31, 2011
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Technology is what surrounds us every day. We are talking not only about smartphones, computers or game consoles, but also about what makes our lives much easier. Machines in factories, machines used in construction, transport machines and millions of other things. Pokeballs are also one of them. It was thanks to a certain engineer that they were invented. Otherwise, pokemons would remain in every trainer’s childchood dream sphere.

Speaking of pokemons – we also owe them a lot.

Steel and electric type pokemons make a great contribution to the development of technology, however there are still studies and experiments being done that could answer many questions, first of all, how much influence the pokemons have on everything.


After spending days researching the influence of pokemons on technology, you learn that the person who invented the pokeballs has died, leaving no information behind. The world held its breath because NOBODY, other than Kurt, knows how to make pokeballs!!!

Will you be able to find this information? Will nothing else be left but to recreate a special „recipe” for pokeballs which might never be the same again?


To do this, you go to the Kurt’s House. You find an interesting drawing there. It looks very old. Certain signs that you have found in Kurt’s house lead you to a strange place with some kind of a strange puzzle...



Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a strange place that looks like a hideout. Who does it belong to? Who built it and what for? Could it be Kurt, since the signs in his house brought you right here?

You find another picture, similar to the one that you found earlier in Kurt’s house. Still, it does not solve your, or in fact the whole world problem.

There is a library in the bunker and there is a book in it that sheds some light on certain things.

Certain information found in some place leads you to the farm, under the cover of night and several hours of observations, you suddenly appear in another place.

Another bunker? Looks strange as if it is out of this world...


You find a strange creature, is it a pokemon? For sure not a human. However, it gives you the information that the world needs.

You come back to the lab, where you start research on pokedex, wanting to create new improvements that would help many trainers around the world! However, this is not your only task.


An interesting pokemon seems to be Magearna, but there is no life in it. You and Harper, the professor’s assistant, try to unravel the mystery, but she suddently disappears. Sometimes you have doubts as to whether you are an engineer or a detective, hehe.

You turn on the TV, and shocking news appear in the news

Breaking News!!! Weird, green anomaly appears in Blackthorn City. Nobody knows what it is and where it comes from.

The anomaly causes problems with gravitation, apparently people are being held up and down. We’ll be informing you every hour!

You go there to find out if it’s true. This anomaly takes you to a strange place. You feel uncomfortable, you are afraid. However, after a while you are transferred back.

You watch TV again and see in the news;

Anomaly won’t go away! It affects electronic devices. There’s a weird stone rumored to be its source. 90% people, that are nearby are disappearing. Do not go under (censorship)!

You go to that place and you are transferred elsewhere again. Is it the stone mentioned earlier on TV?

Out of curiosity, you touch the stone, but it doesn’t end up well, because you are again transported to a strange place. You find a strange old house, and there is a skeleton. Does it belong to a human? Does this mean that he was stuck here and never returned to his family?


You go for a walk, perhaps you will find something to help you get out of this place. Finally you are finding an alive being. A human! After short conversation, he gives you a letter.
It was a pleasure to meet you, specially after 30 years spent alone. I have been inprisoned, because I didn’t want to take a part in those dangerous experiments. They are recruiting people promising them better performance of pokemons, once human’s consciousness is bonded with pokemon’s body. But people don’t know whole truth. There’s no coming back. Their consciousness is being recorded to a memory chip, but their body… it all cannot be reverted!

When I met Harper, I thought she’s ambitious engineer, but I was wrong. She’s ruthless.

The only way to get to Bardo – her lab, is through anomaly stone using the right code. On earth there are 2 anomaly stones. One brings here people, that are curious, and shouldn’t. That’s a trap. They take them to lab and… you can guess.

Second anomaly stone brings to Bardo, but if you put incorrect code, you will be sent to another dimension. Well. Now that you are stuck here and they don’t know about you. I’ll try to activate bridge so you can go back to earth.

I forgot to mention. Second anomaly stone is somewhere on xxx (censorship)

Wow, that seems to be very interesting! Such engineering is like a dream. But after a while of thinking you realize, that’s the most evil thing you have ever heard about. It’s time to stop it! you should destroy whole laboratory, that’s the only solution





Aug 31, 2011
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Item name​
Pokeball Chip
pokeball core
Charm Switcher
allows player to change existing charm to another one (randomly)
Sprinkler -
fasten growth of plants
Mini Boss Paiger
(when clicked shows position of spawned mini boss (if it is))
Mega Paiger
(when clicked shows position of spawned mega pokemon, can be used once per x minutes)
Pokedex Chip Type A –
shows where’s spawn of certain pokemon with colored dots on mini map
Pokedex Chip Type B –
can have more charms activated at time (5)
Pokedex Chip Type C
can have more tasks activated at time (6)
Workshop Booster
decreases time by 15%
Golden Safe Box
Stores money, can be used for bigger trade purposes. Shows balance on "look".
Diamond Safe Box
Player can store valuable items inside (only helds, tms, baits. Once something is added inside or taken out, it is immediately saved. The box has serial ID, so can be tracked in logs along with latest save (what was stored). It can be dropped only inside houses (any, not necesarily owner’s house) and locker.
Portable Mailbox
(requires package). Can be unwrapped only inside houses
Quick Ball
Fast Ball
Premier Ball
Heavy Ball
Mythic Ball