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Christmas Event 2021 Spoiler

Lord Sqnik

Jan 5, 2012
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40+ lvl,
pokemon with fly and teleport
2k hd,
1 free space for pokemon (Scooby Doo).

When you are on event island don't use fly / ride because you can bug your character.

Event island is near Viridian.

We go there and talk with Velma.

Next step is to go to Shaggy, which is near Velma.

Then we need to buy more tools from npc Bruno.

We need to buy 1x Scissors / 1x Rope / 1x Notebook.

Next we go to npc Rakki and buy 30x Scooby Snacks.

Now we can go talk (hi / witness) with npcs Marcel, Andy, Camillo, Edson, Chodor.
Edson should give us Pendrive.
After talking with Chodor. Scooby doo should release itself from pokeball and write "Scooby Doo: Hmm, this fog been here for too long, it might have been created on purpose. Maybe the kidnapper has something to do with chemistry... We should also find the house of this gamer who hates Christmas. And visit the Cook and the Toy Shop.".

We need to go near npc Chodor and open kitchen cabinet, there should be Fog Mix. Use this on character in order to take it to backpack.

Scooby doo should say "Scooby Doo: I think we should check if it has fingerprints...".
We need to use Magnifier on Fog Mix. Then Scooby doo should say "Scooby Doo: It has some fingerprints, collect them with the brush.".
Use Brush on Fog Mix.
After use Velma will msg to us "Velma: Good Job, don't scare the cook, don't ask him for fingerprints, if he's guilty, we'll never find out where is Santa. Use scooby to sniff around, maybe he will find something." and on default channel will be info "New note added to notebook. 1 / 21 notes collected.".
We need to search for Fingerprints now.
Use Magnifier and Brush on pendrive (2/21)

We need to use Magnifier and Brush on these items.









After we have 20/21 we need to go back to factory.
Release Scooby Doo and use order on footprints in factory. You need to sniff all footprints (11).

When you are done with footprints, Velma should msg to you "Velma: Good Job, now let's investigate the next area.".
We need to go near npc Bruno shop, because there are more footprints (6).

When we are done with footprints. Velma will msg us again "Velma: Good Job, now let's find the owner of these footprints.".
We have to go to the at the bottom of the island.
Release Scooby Doo and use order (sniff) on bed.

You should get boots, then Velma will msg you "Good job guys, those boots seem to be the same ones the from footprints. Somebody broke them for a reason. I have asked people here and nobody knows who lives there. That's strange."

Use Magnifier and Brush on boots for last fingerprint (21/21).
After this Velma will msg again "Velma: Seems those boots were used by the same person who was in factory and some other places. Maybe it is time to go and find that people who hate Christmas."

We need go to the gamer house. Which is near the place where we found boots.
You need right click on ticket near bed and you should see that msg.

Then you go to PC in this house and right click on it. Then you will see that msg on the default channel.

We can now teleport to Goldenrod and fly to the next npc.

You need to talk with npc Marco. (Hi / haters) and he will answer "Marco: Muahahah you don't think I'm gonna tell you who we are!"
We need to use order on White Cloth near npc, but Scooby Doo won't sniff. So we need to feed him (use scooby snacks) until he will msg "I'm full".
After this we can use sniff on White Cloth.

Then use Magnifier on White Cloth and Velma will msg to you "Velma: There's nothing that would help us to find where is Santa yet. Scooby must remind to whom that smell from the cloth belongs to. You should check the pendrive, do it in Oak's lab."

We need to teleport to the pallet town and go to Oak's Lab.
Use Pendrive on PC near npc Professor Oak.

Velma will msg to us
"Velma: Alright, so we need to summarize:
Fingerprints on cloth, hamburger statue and in the toy shop belong to the same person.
Fingerprints in factory, gamer's house, cook's house, fog mix and boots belong probably to the kidnapper.
The rest is probably not involved.
Velma: Since the hamburger statue is in cook's house but his fingerprints don't match the rest, you should ask him how he got the statue.".

We need to go back to npc Chodor and ask him about statue.

Player: Hi
Chodor: I'm busy! I'm cooking for Christmas eve!
Player: statue
Chodor: Oh, I won it in a speed eating burgers competition!
Player: competition
Chodor: It was organised few months ago by the lighthouse keeper!

We need to go where screen shows.

Use scissors on each branches and then right click to go up.
Use clock.

Then look what parrot say.

Go down and use abacus.

We have riddle to solve
Clock show 34:61
Parrot say 7
Abacus show 2 x 1500 + 32

Answer is Clock / Abacus / Parrot, so 3461 3032 7 < position where we need to go.
We need to teleport to Pewter and go where screen shows.

Use right click on draw well and you will see info on default channel "Ohh noes, the rope is broken!".
Use rope on draw well, then Scooby Doo will release itself from pokeball and won't go down. We need to feed him to full again. (Use scooby snacks).
Then use rope again on draw well and you will be teleported inside.
We have 15 min to rescue Santa Claus.
Go where the screen shows.

Use ventilation shaft in order to go inside the room where the switch is.

After you use the switch. Use ventilation shaft to go back and go where the screen shows.

We need to put out all basins in order to get teleported to the next room. Basins are random for each player.

After teleport use mirrors to burn down door.

When you burn door go left and you will see Santa Claus in room.
You need to right click on him and you will see msg "Santa Claus: Oh god, thanks for releasing me!!! They were three! Two of them went to the factory, I'll let Jenny know so she can arrest them, but one ran away! You need to find this person.".

Then use the nurse hat that is on the ground to get out from that place.

You can use Magnifier on nurse hat and Velma will msg to you "Velma: Damn!!! We are so close, those fingerprints for sure belong to the guilty criminal! I think it might be Nurse Joy... Scooby might help you to find it out.".

We need to teleport to Saffron. Go near Nurse Joy and release Scooby Doo. Use order (sniff) on nurse hat.
After this Nurse Joy will msg to you "Nurse Joy: You would never find me if it weren't for those meddling kids and this ugly dog!"

You got 1x Christmas event box (2021).

Congratz! You make Xmas Event 2021!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!​
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