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Christmas donation promotion


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Oct 18, 2015
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celebihype Christmas donation promotion celebicelebrate

rowletgasp We've enabled donation promotion in which you can get +50% more points rowletgasp

shaymingift Additionally you can send christmas gift for your friend using command !gift shaymingift
it costs 20 points

box contains 1 of the following;
pokemon: Eiscue lvl 50
pokemon2: Shiny Eiscue lvl 50
Christmas Vulpix Statue
Christmas Chikorita Statue Christmas Outfit Ticket - giving random old christmas outfit (from 2010-2019)
Christmas Oddish and Mankey
Hazelnut Rare Candy - gives 25% exp to pokemon above 100 lvl
Coconut Rare Candy - gives 40% exp to pokemon above lvl 100
Raspberry are Candy - gives 60% exp to pokemon above lvl 100
Pinapple Rare Candy - gives 8% exp to pokemon above lvl 100
Christmas Bulbasaur Doll
Christmas Squirtle Doll
Christmas Popplio Doll
Christmas Pichu Doll
Christmas Charmander Doll
Christmas Cloned Venusaur
Christmas Venusaur
TM Case 1
TM Case 2
TM Case 3
TM Case 5
Tm Case 6
TM Case 7
Tm Case 9
TM Case 10
TM Case 11-18
150 empty premier ball
150 empty epic ball
150 empty mythic ball
mewtwo's island ticket
addon backpack
addon bag
kanto box 3
johto box 3
hoenn box 3
Ice Stone
Ice Stone​

for now candies & ticket don't work (update required)