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Christmas Cooking - Contest 2022

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Apr 17, 2014
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Gliwice, Poland

Hello! You liked the last Halloween contest so much that we decided to announce a new one, in the Christmas version!

This year you will need a lot of creativity, drawing skills or... cooking skills. You will have to come up with a Christmas dish or cocktail and additionally depict it on the drawing or! make it in real life + attach some picture. It can be whatever you want: cookies, cupcakes, cocktail, cake, spaghetti, pizza etc. If you don't know how, you can always ask your mother, brother or sister to help you.. or friends.​


- You need to post your nickname and world.
- You need to attach picture/drawing of your dish and real recipe (be more creative than uncle Google). Don't forget to put your nick on the picture/drawing. Also you need to add video or photos during the preparation of your dish. We decided to do it so people are not trying to cheat by buying already ready products.
- If you will prepare your dish/cocktail etc. in a real life and make a picture of it, you will have extra 10 points. It's mandatory to put some card with your nickname on the picture.
- You can post max. 5 recipes.
- Recipe must be related to Pokemon and Christmas.
- Editing posts is forbidden.

We will evaluate the quality of the products as well as the recipe itself.

How to participate?

- Post all mandatory information in this post. You can upload it directly on the forum or some img hosting, for example: http://imgur.com
- If you don't have an account on forum, you can always ask some Staff Member to help you.

Now let's skip to the good part.. rewards!


1st Place: Catch Charm + 60 premium days + TM Case of your choice
2nd Place: Shiny Eiscue or Shiny Glastrier + 30 premium days + Random TM Case
3rd Place: Clone Box + 15 premium days + Random TM Case

The contest is global!
Thread will be closed on 01/01/2023
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Sep 5, 2020
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[Poké Ball Chocolate Bomb - Recipe #1]

Prep Video: (Click Here) -

  • 1 White Chocolate Bar (150g)
  • 10 mini Marshmallows
  • 2 spoons of Chocolate Powder
  • 3 cups of milk
  • Red and black Food Coloring

  1. Mold 2 sheets of Aluminum Paper into 2 hollow semi spheres.
  2. Microwave Chocolate Bar in intervals of 10 seconds, stirring every time (or you will burn it like my first attempt xd)
  3. Once your chocolate has a liquid consistency, split into 2, and color 1 half red.
  4. Pour both chocolates into both aluminums (1 red and 1 white) and make sure the whole aluminum surface is covered.
  5. Refrigerate for at least 15 min, or until Chocolate is hard.
  6. If you have leftover white chocolate, you can color it all black except for a spoon full of white chocolate, or microwave a bite-sized dark chocolate until liquid consistency.
  7. Remove Aluminum Papers from both semi spheres of chocolate.
  8. Place the 2 spoons of Chocolate Powder and mini marshmallows within one of the semi spheres.
  9. Place the second semi sphere on top of the other one and to complete the sphere and use your dark/black chocolate to “glue” them together in a strip all around.
  10. Use your last bit of White Chocolate, molded into a circle and place on top of the black strip.
  11. Boil 3 cups of milk and serve.

[Christmas Bulbasaur Cake Pops - Recipe #2]

Prep Video: (Click Here) -

  • (Frosting) 400g of powdered sugar
  • (Frosting) 1 egg white
  • (Frosting) 1 tablespoon of vanilla
  • Bread Cake
  • 1 White Chocolate Bar (150g)
  • Food Coloring

Steps (Frosting):
  1. Add Powdered Sugar into a bowl.
  2. Crack an Egg and separate the yolk.
  3. Add the White Egg into the bowl with the powdered sugar and mix.
  4. Add Vanilla and mix.

  1. Place Bread Cake in a bowl and pulverize into crumbs.
  2. Add Frosting into a bowl of crumbs and mix until you have a ball of dough.
  3. Mold Bulbasaur’s body and Bulbasaur’s Bulb and set aside.
  4. Microwave Chocolate Bar in intervals of 10 seconds, stirring every time (or you will burn it like my first attempt xd)
  5. Once your chocolate has a liquid consistency, split into 2 main colors, and color 1 green and 1 light green, but save some white chocolate for extra colors (Black, Yellow, Red)
  6. Pour light green onto Bulbasaur’s body and pour green onto Bulbasaur’s bulb
  7. Refrigerate for at least 15 min, or until Chocolate is hard.
  8. Decorate Bublasaur’s Body with eyes and Bulbasaur’s Bulb with Christmas Lights and Christmas Stars


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Jul 9, 2019
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-Oil (glass of yogurt)
-Sugar (glass of sugar)
-Eggs 3
-Flour (glass of yogurt)
-Lemon Zest
-Nutella Filling
-Dye With Colorant

1-Put the yeast and flour in a bowl
2-In another bowl, beat the butter with the sugar until creamy
3-Then add the eggs one by one, beating the mixture each time
4-Gradually add the flour and milk, alternating with each other.
5-Mix with the help of a spatula until you get a smooth and perfectly smooth dough
6-Pour the mixture into a greased or paper mold
7-Bake in a preheated oven at 180ºC and cook for about 35 minutes
8-Let cool completely at room temperature before unmolding
9-Finally decorate it with the fondant


Apr 8, 2018
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I made New Year little sandwich and I served to my sister. I used a toast machine to straighten the pieces of bread.
Bigby - Platinum
Bread, hot pepper pickles, olive, cheddar cheese, salami.
Pikachu meme is drawn with ketchup.
Banana and cherry jam for sweets.
Turkish coffee for drink.

https://ibb.co/V2fHqKzHappy New Year! :)


Nov 8, 2014
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jugo de limón
1 lata de lechera
1 barra de queso crema
24 galletas OREO, (las 24 galletas si es un molde grande sino pueden ser de 14 a 18 galletas)
100 gramos de mantequilla, derretida
1 cucharada de grenetina
1 cucharadita de lechera
4 cucharadas de agua
1 taza de leche
1 cucharada de esencia de vainilla
2 tazas de harina
2 tazas de azúcar
1/2 tazas de cocoa en polvo
2 cucharaditas de polvo para hornear
2 cucharaditas de bicarbonato de sodio
1 1/2 tazas de leche de vaca
1/2 tazas de mantequilla,
1 cucharadita de vainilla líquida
2 huevos
1/2 cucharaditas de sal
250 gramos de chocolate amargo
3/4 De taza de azúcar refinada
1 Lata de Leche Condensada
1 Lata de Leche Evaporada
1 Paquete de queso crema
5 Huevos
1 Cucharada de esencia de vainilla
colorante blanco, rojo y negro comestible.


Nov 8, 2014
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perdón quise poner un fondo de navidad atras de los postres pero no me llego a tiempo T-T trabaje mucho en ellos y le dedique mucho tiempo pero el fondo no me llego


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Nov 5, 2022
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[''Arroz con leche'' in form of Eevee and Pikachu]
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Rice
  • Little Chocolates
  • Decoration Candy/confiteria
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Vegetable colorants/natural colorants
  • Bombones
Preparation video:
1.- Boil the rice with milk.
2.- Add Cinnamon Powder and Sugar to the mix.
3.- Let the Arroz con Leche dry itself and cool itself.
4.- Once previous step is ready, pull apart 2 portion of the rice and add natural colorant to them of different colors (yellow and orange).
5.- Shape the rice to the desired form in 2 sections (Eevee and Pikachu).
6.- Add decoration/confiteria to them.

Belpfy/Platino :p

Guim Jimas

Sep 10, 2012
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Guim Jimas

1st - Wishiwashi Sashimi placed on Pyroar's mane
Christmas is a time to eat fish (at least according to tradition in Poland), that's why in the morning I went to the pond and after 2 hours of hiding in calamus I fished out Wishiwashi without which the Christmas table wouldn't be the same. Returning from a successful catch, I snuck into the Pyroar lair, on tiptoe, I quietly approached the sleeping lion and cut a lock of hair from its mane. The fish should be cleaned, fillet and cut into 2 cm strips. Heat the oil in the pan, and when it reaches the right temperature, throw in the previously collected lion's mane and fry until it's crispy, then take it out on paper towels to get rid of excess fat and season it to your taste. Put the peel of the green cucumber on the prepared plate (Don't give it to Wiktor, because he won't eat it anyway), fried pyroar mane on Wishiwashi's head, which shows everyone at the table a successful catch, and on cucumber peel strips of our fillet. As additions, Soy Sauce or freshly grated horseradish works great.






2nd -The Rice Band
Music cannot be missing at the Christmas table! and who would sing for us prettier than cute Jigglypuffs? I will tell you that not only their voices are sweet, after the performance you should run around the house as a fun and catch all the creatures and eat them with relish. They hide a real delight inside.
100g of white rice
2g of red dye
100g of fresh Lychee
400 ml of coconut milk
1 strawberry jelly
a bit of colored sugar mass for decoration
Rinse the rice thoroughly, then soak it in red dye. While the rice is soaking, peel and finely chop the Lychee. Put the soaked Rice into a pot, pour coconut milk, add Lychee and cook until the rice is soft. In a separate container, mix the jelly with boiling water, when it dissolves, add it to the rice and blend the whole thing until a smooth consistency is obtained. Pour the resulting mass into molds and wait until it solidifies in the refrigerator. In the meantime, we prepare decorations and finishes with sugar mass. We combine the whole and let the voice resound.






3rd - Sleeping Poppy Seed Cake:
In Poland, during Christmas, one of the traditional cakes is poppy seed cake, and one of the desserts is noodles with poppy seeds. What if you combine it?
2 tablespoons of honey
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
0.5 teaspoon of vanilla extract
500g of poppy seeds
200g dried fruits and nuts
2 tablespoons of butter
1 roll of puff pastry
6 sheets of pasta for Lasagna
Cook the poppy seeds twice, rinse between the two cooking times, after the poppy seeds are fully cooked, add dried fruits and nuts, honey, cinnamon, vanilla and mix thoroughly. After mixing everything together, add 2 tablespoons of butter and put the whole thing to a large frying pan. Cook over low heat until all ingredients are well combined and form a mass. Cut out the expected shapes from the puff pastry and bake according to the recipe on the package (15min 175 degrees) Put the pasta in a boiling water and cook for about 2 minutes, after cooking put it on paper towels to get rid of excess water. We begin to combine the baked puff pastry with the poppy seed mass and form the body of our dough and the head. We also layer the pasta with mass and wrap it in rolls. All we have to do now is to put it all together.

(sorry that snorlax is not so pretty, but I was focusing on the taste and not the appearance, even though I know that here rather everyone looks only at the appearance)










Aug 13, 2015
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"Christmas frolics" - cake made by Oxygenz.
"Pikachu! Next time try to dodge my snowballs haha, said Squirtle"
"Charmander, don't light up this firework wait for everyone!"
"Who put staryu on the tree?! BULBASAUR??!!"

Ingredients for one sponge cake(you need 2 of them to make this cake):

6 eggs

250g of flour

6g of baking soda

pinch of salt

200g of granulated sugar

Raspberry-lemon fruseline:

200g of frozen raspberries

30ml of lemon juice

50g of granulated sugar

50ml of water

5g of gelatine

Mascarpone-oreo cream:

150ml of heavy cream (30% fat contents)

250g of mascarpone cheese

50g of powdered sugar

16 oreo cookies

Fondant/sugar paste

1kg of powdered sugar

100g of food grade glucose

15g of gelatine

70g of cold water

food colorings

Amaretto with coffee to moisten your sponges:

150ml of amaretto

150ml of water

60ml of espresso or instant coffee

Making sponge cake:

Split egg whites and yolks to separate bowls. Mix egg yolks with sugar and baking soda until frothy then add flour. Beat egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff mass then gently add to egg-yolk mixture using spoon (not using mixer cuz your sponge cake will be flat).

Pour it into your baking tray and put into preheated oven to 180 celsius. Bake for 25-30 min. After 15 min check every 5 min if cake isn't burned (happend to me lol).

Making oreo-mascarpone cream:

Make sure mascarpone and heavy cream are well chilled before making frosting. Pour heavy cream into the bowl and mix it a little bit with stand mixer. Then add mascarpone cheese and powdered sugar. Whip till cream is quite stiff. (But do not overwork it – cream may curdle). Add crushed oreo cookies and mix for another 30 sec.

Making raspberry-lemon fruseline:

Put into the pot: raspberries, lemon juice, 50ml of water and sugar. Boil it and turn off the heat. Add 5g of gelatine and mix it. Set it aside and let it chill.

Making fondant:

Put all ingredients into the bowl except water. Mix dry ingredients and start adding water little by little. When the fondant looks like wet sand stop adding water. Knead the sugar paste for few minutes and put it into fridge.

Assembling the cake:

Cut one sponge cake in half(horizontally). Put one half on prepared tray or something flat. Using spoon spread 1/3 of amaretto-espresso mixture evenly on sponge. Then spread oreo-mascarpone cream and put 2nd layer of sponge cake. Repreat process of moinstening your cake (wink wink). Spread raspberry fruseline on top and cover it with 3rd and final sponge cake layer. Moisten that layer too. Roll sugar paste till quite thin and cover your cake. If u don’t have sugar paste u can prepare some coconut frosting. Optionally u can sprinkle cake with coconut flakes.
If u have too much of free time u can make some pokemon figurines from sugar paste.

Some photos from preparing cake
Finished cake


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Apr 17, 2014
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Gliwice, Poland
Hello! First of all, thank you for participating in our contest. This time we didn't have a lot of participants but we hope next time you will give a try!

Results are:


1st place: Oxygenz
2nd place: Guim Jimas
3rd place: Dkoall
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