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Change of cash and Pokes within the servers

Jan 16, 2014
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I want to exchange my cash and my pokemon in platinum for things in diamond and I have the following:

Cloned Dragonite [130][M] Ability: Inner FocusTM: ReflectTM: Draco Meteor
Blacephalon [101]Ability: Beast BoostTM: Shadow StormTM: Lava Plume
Volcarona lvl 76 tm lava plume and lava pulse
naganadel lvl 101 sluged rain and draco meteor
shiny corsola lvl 76 have tm reflect and rain dance
xurkitree lvl82 relfect and electri storm
kartana lvl 75 petal blizzard and bullet seed
Shiny sunflora lvl 130 with tm petal blizzard and frezzy plant
guzzlord lvl 100 snarl and night daze
celeestela lvl 73 magnetic shock shift gear
gardevoir lv l100 tm reflect and rairy wing
milotic lvl 130 reflect and rain dance
flygon lv l130 sandtorms and epicenter

and I also have 1.9kk in cash

you can write me a pm in diamond my name is machpoint and in platinum kalm