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Birthday Random Pokemon Tournament 2022


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Oct 18, 2015
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Tournament will be global, that means there will be specially created world and all participants will have to copy their characters there.

- Duels will be 1vs1 / Pokemons 6vs6
- Battle mode is forbidden
- You can sign up with only one character.
- Your character must be of level 120 or higher.
- It will be a two stages tournament: group eliminations -> finals
- Each group will have 4-5 players (depending on amount of participants)
- 2 players from each group will advance to the next stage (unless your group will have less players).
- No trades between participants, no pokemon sharing
- Helds, Berries, Charms, Flutes are forbidden

- Right before tournament each player will draw for himself 10 random pokémons, which will be hidden in bags.
- Each bag will have few different pokémon, player will have to choose bag to get randomly chosen pokemon.
- All pokémon will have reflect if this is possible to be fair with those who have protections + other random TM
- There will be group eliminations and depending how many players will join, there's possibility that eliminations will be done on 2 different arenas

Additional info

You can sign up in this thread or just log in to tournament world max at 20:00 GMT +1 to be added to bracket. If you log in later, don't be expecting to be on the list.
- Adding to brackets starts at 19:00 GMT+1. Duels will start 1 hour later. If you want to be on the list, you have to be online at 19:00.
- Tranfering your character to tournament world for this tournament is free.
- Date: 12/11/2022


1st Place: Chosen Pokemon (Zarude / Ash Greninja / Heatran) + 60 premium days + Outfit Bag + TM Case of player choice + Very Rare Card
2nd Place: Cloned Box + 30 premium days + Outfit Bag + TM Case of player choice
3rd Place: Pikachu Cosplay* or Elemental Box or Box 4 of player choice + 15 premium days + Outfit Bag

*Pikachu cosplay with full moveset and TM set + 1 unique spell depending on which cosplay winner choose.


1. Players that participated in tournament will get 2x silver coin
2. Players that win 1 duel in group stage will get 3x rare candies
3. Players that advanced from group will get 2x golden coin
4. Players that win 1 duel in final bracket will get cloned ticket 2
5. reaching the quarter-finals - hoenn box 4

Rewards aren't accumulative.

Oso Gemelo

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Aug 13, 2010
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Is there going to be a way to 'watch' the tournament for those who ain't gonna participate?