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Carlos Eduardo

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Feb 24, 2019
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I wanted to propose some ideas to improve this category of Pokémon, my main focus is thinking about the base form and midform.
My justification for proposing improvements for these Pokémon, is mainly thinking in new players :

- Most beginning players have the view that the starting Pokémon are the best Pokémon options to use, because of the anime and Nintendo games. In Nintendo games, at the beginning of the game, they are the strongest and best options to use, because they level easily, have access to good moves and fast evolution. While in Padventures , they become difficult to use for having moveset bad(max 1 or 2 Aoe, and are few that have defense), and they take time to evolve.
- Even the speed at the beginning of the game has changed, to make the game easier at the beginning. Making the starting Pokémon better, would help a lot the new players.
- If you think about the overview of most games, the beginning of the game is always easier.
- Many players end up leaving the initials aside, when they start to understand the game better, and changing to better options that evolve faster, like kingler, sunflora, mightyena, g darmanitan, Glaile.

In my opinion the initial Pokémon should be better and stronger, just like in Nintendo games where they are always our best Pokémon. My focus is mainly on the initial forms(first and midform), but many of the initials in final form are only good if they have full tm, but we have some good ones like Typhosion. I believe this category of Pokemon should be Good regardless of having TMs or not.

* My first suggestion is to improve the moveset of the base form and specially the Midform, currently we have some with 8 moves, and we have others that only have 6 or 7 moves (Brionne, Torracat, Dartrix, Frogadier, Braixen, Dewott, Quilladin, Monferno, Pignite, Servine). Maybe for Midform to give 10 moves( Something similar to pikachu's moveset), give protection or good stun to midform.

* The second would be to make faster the evolution for the initials, something like evolving in level 30 > 60 , or even 30 > 70.