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Dec 7, 2012
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Hi community is a placer to say hello, for those ones who doesn't know my name is Inhoted I was retired for a long time, I had thought do this writing in a anonymous way, but then I thought, if I'm searching for candor I think that is right not hiding me and says the things as the way I see them.
If you read the tittle of this, I think you already know what I'm about to say, before anything else I want to point that I'm not trying to create any controversy with this, also I don't wanna be misunderstood (the fact I propose something like that, doesn't mean I did it) neither I'm trying to tag somebody or talk trash about anyone.

During the time I was retired I had the oportunity to experiment so many things both in the real life and in online games, and the truth is I always compare it with padventures, because it's the game I have dedicated the most time in my life and I have to say that the experience I had with padventures I didn't have it with other games, nevertheless there's something that calls my attention that the other games has and padventures don't (not to say is not legit) and it's the articles sales in the real life (You may think at this point that I'm crazy) and I don't blame you for thinking in that way, I was in the staff before, and if I could travel back in time I would think the same as you.
This is a topic that caused polemic since the game was created, I saw hundreds of publications about players asking forgiveness, others justifying why they did it, the famous "it was my little brother" and the last and saddest for me it was to see so many friendships gets deleted for this...

Now, perhaps from the point of view of the owner or de owners (Sorry, so much time retired) of the game, this would affect the donations, and wouldn't be rentable and wouldn't cover the hosts demands, maybe four years ago I would accept that this is true, but now I see another reality very different, nowdays we all know that any game as simple as it seems in one way or other gets money in the real life, and I know what you're thinking (you are only proposing this for your own benefit) but you are wrong, besides get some profit about this, is my wish this community grows, let's be honest, currently everybody is searching a way to get some advantage from a game who cans add something to his life or maybe just find a way to get fun or entertainment.

We all know that the principal coin of the game isn't the money, instead the diamond is, in other words the donations wouldn't stop for the fact to allow the articles purchase in real life, rather, the donations would raise because this would add more community to the game, and more people are going to be interested being back in the game, and as the same way live the experience of a new game.

I'm going straight with the staff, I know this is a hard decision, and you must be thinking this isn't fair for the people who was deleted for this reason...

But we can't close ourselves to new ideas and oportunities, I have a part of my life in this game and sincerely it would break my heart if it ever came to an end caused by the fear to evolve.

I'm venezuelan 💀 and I had to learn about economy by the way I didn't want to, I really have faith this would increase the server profits and bring new players to this community.

I haven't taken the trouble to read the rules recently, I don't know if this post means a punishment for me, and if the answer is yes, you can do it I dare you, because I spent nights without sleep and talked with many people, some of them in anonym way, others told me to not do it because this could bring me problems, but everyone agreed this was a great idea (I don't want to mention their names here, to protect their reputation)

If I get punished please don't punish my brother Kohnan, because he logged in my account so many times and I don't want to involve him in this, I assume all the responsibility.

Finally, now I'm going to speak to all the community overall, before saying anything else, I don't want toxic people, and with toxic people I mean people who only came here to insult or criticize others players or the staff instead, I would like to read yours opinions, and real opinions, more than say just a simple "no", they have to explain their response.

To the tradicional player: (1-2 years in the community)

Do you think this will improve or spoil the gameplay, experience and economy of the game?

To the donator player:

Do you think this will affect the donations of the game? Or, this affect your own donations?

To the veteran player (3-5 years in the community):

According to your long experience, do you think this will get some benefit or will get the game to his ruin?

To the staff:

I think the majority are going to say no, so as I said before I would like to know the reason behind that no, also I'm gonna ask to the GMs/CMs/ADMs that I know are gonna answer directly, please keep this post open for at least 72 hours, so we can actually see what the majority believes.

Thanks for the attention.

Observation: Also I have in consideration this real life purchasing may bring with it profits or consequences to the game, and I know this maybe would get involve in legals issues (very important) of course I made this post with the intention to share my thoughts, and see what thinks everybody else.
Besides that, I have to say I know this isn't something that can be done overnight, I know that but perhaps this can be see as an option for the future.

Arcanist Karl

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Dec 29, 2012
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Santos, SP, Brazil
I'm confused if the point is allowing people to buy items for diamonds in game, for example, Shiny Charm on premium market, or something like that. If that's the point, the donations would grow, but market in game would break in few months. So I don't think that would be healthy in a long term for the game.

If the point is allowing players to sell things in game for money outside the game, Tibia (our older brother) fought too many years with this "black market", and when noticed that they couldn't fight it, they made a way where they could profit with that also. This is also supported by different websites that sells game currencies (a.k.a. Tibia Coins), like for example, Rei dos Coins. Back in 2004~5, we had sites that sold single pieces of equipment for real life cash also. I don't take this as a total negative part for the game, cse it's also a way for people who spent such a long time (and believe me, look for example Demz and his selling list, that is such a long time and effort to acquire that), to retire the game and get some "return". This could increase rotation of the game content (for example, in platinum where the market is pretty much dead), but, in the other hand, if it's something not related to the game/staff, with no profit for the game, the cash flow of donations could change and reduce the amount of donations with an already low player base we have. It would be nice, for example, being able to login on the site, and buy a tm that no one likes to hunt. That's a delicate subject indeed, and I wouldn't be against if staff decide to create a p2w market, the randomness of the donation promotions are just insane on a point where, for example, I've donated around 1500 diamonds last promotion, and couldnt get a single Hisuian Goodra (not even normal form).

Yet, in both cases, the game would instantly become pay to win, even tho, there's a natural limitation inside the game (for raids, for example, being the most damager doesn't mean you get the best rewards, also level limitation, speed, etc.). Also, river of tears would be flooding the forum, cse we don't live in a place where people has the same opportunity to spend the same amount of cash in game.

But we all know that this will be insta rejected.
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