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  1. Bebens

    Bebens [LT]

    Hello, finally all end game achievments done thanks to all who was supporting and cheering for me celebicelebrate
  2. Bebens

    Players rarest catches

    Well dont really sure if its count for a catch but its something personal for me now catches left for Master Ball vulpixlove
  3. Bebens

    Players rarest catches

  4. Bebens

    Valentine Event / Donation Promotion / Battle Pass / Higher Rates

    Stop counting on the date that event ends so 23 February simple
  5. Bebens

    Christmas event 2023 - Spoiler

  6. Bebens

    Catches Problem

    There was a mistake made by Sting some time ago and pokemons from donate boxes/events etc was giving catches normally but right now its fixed but i dont exactly remember from which poke catches stopped counting. But u will normally get a + catch when they will get a respawn.
  7. Bebens

    Global Crazy Cars Tournament!

    Bebens Diamond
  8. Bebens

    [Support] achievement #554

    Its fresh new caught one or u borrowed it from friend and just reset level to 129?
  9. Bebens

    Halloween Event 2023 and Donation Promotion

    Sh Torkoal is spammable aswell just go hb3 or fire 200 and gl.
  10. Bebens

    Halloween Event 2023 and Donation Promotion

    Read my post properly, i've asked if these baits stay the same as was their primary from Fighter profession but as we see it changed.
  11. Bebens

    Halloween Event 2023 and Donation Promotion

    Magmar Bait (only lootable) - works the same way as Big Shrimp Bait (with possibility to fish new shiny fire Pokemon) Growlithe Bait (only lootable) - works the same way as Meowth Bait They will work as mentioned on Fighter profession or something changed? If they stay the same what will be...
  12. Bebens

    Summer Crazy Car Tournament!

    Bebens / Diamond
  13. Bebens

    Valentine battle pass

    Is it possible to change TM Case 19/20 for TM Case 21? we lack tms from this case tyvm ;)
  14. Bebens

    Players rarest catches

    Well, rapid will be over probably before i wake up so thats my last catch from this
  15. Bebens

    Players rarest catches

    Hello i was thinking its a good time to share my actually progress from last and actual rapid enjoy.
  16. Bebens

    Quest Tickets Idea

    Just help new players with the quest instead of take out money from them ( :
  17. Bebens

    Birthday Car Racing Tournament

    Bebens Diamond
  18. Bebens

    Birthday Event / Donation Promotion / Higher Rates

    Fast Shiny Respawn should be exclusive and rare addition to rates not everytime rates by rates ( :
  19. Bebens

    Halloween Event 2022

  20. Bebens

    Birthday Event pokemon suggestion

    However there are some that cannot be suggested: Profession pokemons: Archeops / Klinklang / Mienshao / Clawitzer / Flapple / Appletun / Hatterene / Grimmsnarl / Duraludon Pokemons from new games Scarlet / Violet Magearna / Silvally / Dracozolt / Arctozolt / Dracovish / Arctovish Legendaries /...