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    [Donation] Help Donation item deseapear

    Hi Guys solved THX
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    [Donation] Help Donation item deseapear

    Hiho Staff I donate 90 points (135 POINTS) today with method pagseguro i receive diamonds + 2X donation gifts but 09:57 Sorry, you don't have enough space in your backpack to receive >> Halloween mystery box (2023) << and i try to see in my cp and inside my bags nothing i try to go in...
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    House Decorations

    Hiho Xexy i send 2x parcel to you inside a letter total cash : 175k first parcel and 150k second parcel thx
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    [Recovery] Lost Pokemons, Items, Deco and Duplicate many pokes

    Hiho Staffs one more time dissapear all pokes judar send me and more pokes 1) Melmetal 130 Berseker in pokeball with tms doom desire and magnetic shock with rare aura 2) Shiny Hisuian Goodra 130F overcoat in pokebal with tms doom desire ans shiftgear with rare aura 3) Garbodor 130M...
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    [Recovery] Lost Pokemons, itens and duplicated manys

    Hiho Staff One more time first i put missing pokes 1) Melmetal 130 Berseker in pokeball with tms doom desire and another tm metal (dont remember cause cant dex for this poke but full tms) with rare aura 2)Shiny Hisuian Goodra 130F dont remember ability maybe sap sipper in pokebal with tms...
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    [Recovery] Lost Pokemons

    Hiho Staff Lost pokes in rollback 1) cloned Vileplume 75F effect spore in fast ball with tms frenzy plant and magical leaf 2) cloned beedril 40+ snper in rocket ball 3) cloned butterfree 40+ F tinted lens in ub u can check for me Kenzo Diamond
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    [Recovery] Lost Pokes Helds in rollback and twice payments rents

    Hiho Staffs I login in my acc today and lost many things again in a rollback, and debitted twice times in gh and a house 19:32 [Thu May 25 07:36:33 2023] Banker: A total amount of 40 ten thousand dollars, 97 hundred dollars and 80 dollars have been debited from your balance in the payment for...
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    Energy Decorations

    Judar i send a parcel to you thx
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    [Recovery] Lost pokemons

    Hello Guys Kenzo Diamond Recent i lost pokes again in roll back beast ball Kartana idk lvl i think 77 Pokeball Hisuian Zoroark scrappy lvl 60 up lvl when down Dont remember ball i think pokeball togetic lvl 85 F dont remember ability with emergency exit held Thx PS: lost daily rewards too...
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    [Recovery] RollBAck My pokes helds and tms lost

    hey Sting i use translator in the past when they implemented the helds system in the game my brother who played more at the time bought it changed it took it out in a held box and event like dice we have since then and remembering that in the beginning they didn't cost what they cost today
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    [Recovery] RollBAck My pokes helds and tms lost

    Forget Character Name: Kenzo and diamond server
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    [Recovery] RollBAck My pokes helds and tms lost

    Premier ball Shiny Slurpuff 130 M sweet veil tms fairy dreams and light of ruin helds Smart candy and roto hp restore Friend Ball Shiny Ariados 130 M Sniper Lunge and Sludge rain Helds Smart Candy and Amulet coin Purple ball Shiny Ariados 130 M Sniper Lunge and poison gas Helds Smart Candy and...
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    [Recovery] Lost Tms Yesterday in rollback

    Hello Guys Not a first or a second day, i know bugs happen but i wait or i donate always for activate premium, and 14 tms lost yesterday in rollback 7 golden pa + 7x 16 tms case. Staff says item cant recover e bla bla bla but u wait for this last days daily tasks for open and maybe profit...
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    Poke Lost in Rollbacks

    Hiho I lost i think 2x pokes now in rollback Blissey 130 F healer in rocket ball with tms reflect and rain dance(have 3x addons: nurse and idk anothers names) Cloned Tangrowth 130 M Leaf Guard in Rocket Ball with tms reflect and Petal blizzard Held miracle seed Idk if i lost more something
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    [Recovery] Need Help Lost Poke rollback

    Hiho Guys I lost my shedinja Infiltrator 130 with shadow storm and spiritual storm Held: silver nanab berry held Idk when i last use this poke but when active double i fisher Kenzo Diamond
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    Energy Decorations

    Sent Parcel 4x bags coal basin 3x bags boxes thx
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    Energy Decorations

    I send a Parcel Raissa
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    House Viridian/Pallet Town/Hau'oli/Heahea/Malie

    Viridian Villa # 1164 Biggest house in this town 634 sqms Big Garden Big Poll 3x Floors 3x Balcony Very nice to deco One of the bests houses inside game off course Im ask 2kk for house if u interested Msg Kenzo in game
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    [Support] Cant forget TM

    Hiho Sting/Judar i talk to eudinho today he say u renponsable for tms i bouth days ago Sh Leafeon recent transform in twin island the old owner put tm shadow ball in sh eevvee and evolve for Sh Leafeon i buy tms today but cant forget in cassino cause poke dont learn this tm u can help...
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    Selling collection

    120k sh sunflora 40k cloned parasect