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    Summer House Deco Contest - 2023

    Results are: 1st place: Dark Bizo 2nd place: Ambar 3rd place: Ruffalo
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    Summer Drawing Contest - 2023

    Results are: 1st place: Kebakian Palladin 2nd place: Carelomio and Twardson 3rd place: Pandorah
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    [Support] Lost pokemon

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    Summer donation promotion / Higher Rates / Battle Pass

    Donation promotion and higher rates extended untill monday
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    Correction of the information of Froslass dex

    will be gone after restart
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    Topic for small issues

    ye will be added
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    After next restart: It is now not possible for Shiny Psyduck and Shiny Torchic to spawn. It is now possible for Shiny Cherrim, Shiny Shuckle and Shiny Empoleon to spawn for a limited time.
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    Summer donation promotion / Higher Rates / Battle Pass

    Hello Everyone, From 28/07 untill 11/08 we will enable Donation Promotion . During this time you will receive 50% more points. Every, person that will donate for 30+ (base) points will receive Lottery Ticket and 5 Voltstrike Dungeon Keys *Dungeon = chance for catching shiny manectric + chance...
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    New Daily Tasks System

    New addons / outfits available from daily
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    [Recovery] lost pokemon

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    House Decorations

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    Daily Pokemon poll

    Vote which pokemon you would like to see obtainable from daily.
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    Sugesttion TM for Porygon and Golduck

    i will add it to golduck but wont add anything out of these 2 options to porygon
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    Social Medias

    Make sure to follow us on our social medias. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/padventuresofficial Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/padventuresofficial/ For "like" under each newly written post there is a chance to win facebook / instagram backpack. You do not need to post your...
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    Season Event / Donation Promotion / Higher Rates

    Iron Thorns / Shiny Iron Thorns Scolipede / Shiny Scolipede a stunning move that hits once a stunning move that hits twice and is like imprison but 1 sqm smaller
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    Pokemon Skills

    i would say he already have enough skills already added already added already added to rapidash, in gumshoos case i think he have enough skills already after restart i would say better no hes fine with the same ones as normal arcanine (which is already quite a number of skills) rejected...
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    Changed effect (look) of Quick Guard, Shock Wave, Charge Rebalanced/Improved Zeraora + throat chop in passive for shiny a stunning move hits 6 times a stunning move hits 3 times like imprison works now like a bigger leaf blade but still have a pull a passive move that reduces...
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    Added charms to Shiny Torchic, Shiny Psyduck, Shiny Salamence, Shiny Pikachu (already available) After Restart following pokemons will receive charms tasks: Shiny Sceptile, Shiny Toxapex, Shiny Yanmega, Shiny Vespiquen, Shiny Cradily, Shiny Carnivine, Shiny Golisopod Trubbish, Garbodor, Shiny...
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    Season Event / Donation Promotion / Higher Rates

    Gholdengo / Shiny Gholdengo (its a stun)
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    Season Event / Donation Promotion / Higher Rates

    Results from facebook giveaway: Nasser - tm case Frostaren - held box2 Red Ghost - held box2 Juggler - shiny flutter Naneviil - hb2 Lewis - HB2 Tempest-blast - tm case Blessd - tm case Pinguiino - tm case Jiojosue - tm case Ronyn Delta - tm case Rafalica - hb2 Choro catcher - tm case Xharkyz -...