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  1. stin stauer

    Player Held Item

    faz o L
  2. stin stauer

    Ranking of Balls Fail :v

    18:43 Used 1730 ultra balls, 600 rocket balls, 1581 ancient balls, 50 dive balls on Omastar. cmon it's a simple omastar
  3. stin stauer

    Ability wipe poll

    btw, the item doesnt give you the wished ability, it resets the 3x ability to restart the process.
  4. stin stauer

    Ability wipe poll

    I doubt they will do that with an item costing 100 diamons which in diamond is atm 500k -550k, but if it's the problem make the item exclusively for mythic and shinies and cloneds. it will reduce the use avoid weird players to make the perfect regular pokemon, as i said, the propose is only for...
  5. stin stauer

    Ability wipe poll

    I don't think an item of 100 diamonds or even more will make the market unstable. This item is not supposed to be used on simple pokemons, it's supposed to be used on very rare ocasions with very rare pokemons, like mythic or shinies. So you buy it very rarely because you know there won't be...
  6. stin stauer

    Valentine event 2023

    i didnt get the shiny, fix it
  7. stin stauer

    Valentine Event 2023 / Donation Promotion / Battle Pass / Higher Rates

    Can I donate and only get the shiny?, I dont want the other stuff, I send u a parcel if I get them
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    paulo sende
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    Shiny Primarina

    hey you
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    Glub glub

    Glub glub
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    Shiny Primarina

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    i wish you a happy new year and filled with lots of rebalances, cuz last year was sad
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    can you check this pokemon on your next rebalance? Drapion has no defense considering it has only poison gas (small area stun) and underground making it really bad to level up and underground is bad on respaws too. m1 - poison sting m2 - sting gun m3 - underground m4 - crunch m5 - brutal...
  17. stin stauer

    Minior moveset

  18. stin stauer

    Shiny Primarina

    new year new bump, where are our new rebalances
  19. stin stauer

    Letter to Santa Claus - Contest 2022

    Little potato when it's born goes around the floor. My little mother when sleeps puts her hand on the heart. This year was tuff Santa Claus, so reward me a lot, I didn't catch any shiny, so give me them all. In the morning I don't eat anything, but at night I eat a truck if u let me. Today I...
  20. stin stauer

    Christmas Event 2022 / Donation Promotion / Higher Rates

    These gifts are like "Secret Friend or Secret Santa". A famous game on christmas where we spend a lot of money to buy a gift for our friend and we get "shitty gifts" on return :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: