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  1. VieZher

    Birthday Event pokemon suggestion

    Grookey, Soble
  2. VieZher

    Recipe for a Halloween cocktail / dish [Contest]

    Raimontaro Diamond Hello! Happy Halloween! I've made some cupcakes with the main theme "Gengar and an army of Candy Hunters" Ingredients for Cupcakes: - 3 eggs - 120 gr butter - 1 sachet vanilla (1/2 tsp) - 5 tbsp sugar - 8 tbsp flour - 1 tsp cake emulsifier - 1/2 tsp baking soda - 1/2...
  3. VieZher

    Halloween House Decoration (Contest)

    Korbanhack Diamond 03:36 You see an open door. It belongs to house 'Viridian #1162'. Korbanhack owns this house. Position: {x = 3487, y = 3344, z = 7}. First Floor Second Floor
  4. VieZher

    PA Players Ideas

    I see near Kate there's some little pokes play on the garden. I hope someday it can be applicated in our house too, with our own pokes. Idk how to say, just hope our pokemon can live outside the ball (maybe in our house or special farm (?)), not only live in locker ;c Maybe it will add a good...
  5. VieZher


    Hello, could you give a small change for Manectric moveset? Manectric has a pure electric type and belongs to discharge pokemon category. I see on bulbapedia he can use discharge by leveling up. and can learn snarl from tm learnset. Maybe should swap snarl to discharge, please. 🙂 ref...
  6. VieZher

    TM Requests

    TM195 Lava Pulse for Flareon, please
  7. VieZher

    Christmas House Deco - Contest 2021

    Korbanhack Diamond 23:00 You see an open door. It belongs to house 'Viridian #1162'. Korbanhack owns this house. Position: {x = 3487, y = 3344, z = 7}. House Theme "Germa 66 Christmas Day" 1st Floor Overview 2nd Floor Overview --- Entrance Swimming Pool and Garden Dinner Room...
  8. VieZher

    [Support] Stuck Items

    Hi, since the last Christmas event I've got many not-pushable items (13 items) in my bag. It's too much to spend the slots. Could anyone help me to remove those items, please? pachirisupls Thank you, Raimontaro Diamond
  9. VieZher


    Add TM Doom Desire and Shift Gear Add Panpour and more pokes Add All Box 2 Sold kick machine Sold some pokes and tm (removed from list) mewlove
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    Yes, the item is ready. We'll chat in-game immediately =)
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    Update again after a long time mewlove
  12. VieZher

    [Support] "!hide_bodies" not working

    Not just you, my problem isn't solving too and no respond :) maybe we're not popular people and just trivial problem, so no helper for us maybe especially for me who just small trainer :)
  13. VieZher

    [Recovery] Lost Pokemon

    Hello, I lost my first pokemon. I remember I have a partner Vileplume on my locker. I catch from Oddish at Beginner Island (on 2011 since I join this game). I've semi-retired on 2015-2019 and come back in 2020. I don't know why but my Vileplume into my Locker has become a normal Vileplume, like...
  14. VieZher

    Christmas House Deco - Contest

    Korbanhack Diamond 23:12 You see an open door. It belongs to house 'Viridian #1162'. Korbanhack owns this house. Position: {x = 3487, y = 3344, z = 7}. OVERVIEW FIRST FLOOR OVERVIEW SECOND FLOOR ENTRANCE AND LOCKER ROOM MEETING ROOM GALLERY ROOM SWIMMING POOL AND GARDEN...
  15. VieZher

    About contests

    I've participated in the drawing, creepypasta, and wallpaper design, I gave my best but all of that is lost (poor for me, sad). Idk why, but maybe on the future is better to post the result rank of all participate so we can know where's the place of our creation. Thank you, it's just my opinion ^^
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    10 PA Birthday Client Background Contest

    Raimontaro Diamond
  17. VieZher

    Halloween Pokémon Creepypasta 05/10/2020 - 6/11/2020

    The Final Catch: Exeggutor! The Final Catch: Exeggutor! A couple years ago, I used to live in viridian and have a best friend named Enoy. My name is Iqbal, I'm a trainer who wants to catch all the pokemon in the Kanto region. Unlike me, my friend Enoy doesn't like Pokemon. 17 years...
  18. VieZher

    Halloween Drawing Contest 2020

    Raimontaro - Diamond 2 Drawing
  19. VieZher

    [Support] Problem in My House

    Ah, I'm totally sad to hear that. So my 3rd floor is like nothing? I mean, it is not part of my house too :'(
  20. VieZher

    [Support] Problem in My House

    Hello, I just buy the house in Vermillion 17:19 You see an open door. It belongs to house 'Vermilion #1153'. Raimontaro owns this house. Position: {x = 3828, y = 3320, z = 7}. I want to ask. Why the colour of my pool is orange while others are blue?. Could GM/CM/someone visit my house to check...