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    [Support] PL players are stalking us

    Lost Locust here, Latin Kings' leader. Latin Kings members are being attacked I'm starting this post because all of the polish players are sending parcels to all of my members with the hashtags "#MuremZaGlusem" "#FlandersOut" and "#FreeMichaGlus". We are being attack by parcel and by direct...
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    Torneo Latin Kings

    Torneo de la guild Latin Kings El torneo consiste en duels. Habrá 3 categorías dependiendo las personas inscritas. Las categorías serán asignadas más adelante. Cada categoría tendrá como premio 10 diamonds. Para participar en este evento tienes que ser de la guild Latin Kings y estar dentro...
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    [Sell] Shiny Flygon Auction

    Lets start with 850k Shiny Flygon [130][F] Ability: Levitate TM: Epicenter TM: Earthquake Auction finish this tuesday at 10:00 PM (Mexico)
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    Can't TP to my house in Heahea

    When I make TP to house the message in orange letters appears 2 times "Porygon-Z teleport to house" but I dont go anywhere and the last time I did it this message appeared after use TP: 07:36 Your questlog of "Zygarde's cells" has been updated. And that mission I have not started already, so I...