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  1. TheCadl

    How to set PA up in the same way?

    Hey! I stumbled upon a couple of videos in your discord, in which the PA was made in full screen. How to do the same? Example:
  2. TheCadl

    Gives an error when creating a guild

    Hello! I want to create a guild, but for some reason it gives me an error. Can you fix this somehow? CADL = The abbreviation of my name. Kostritsky Alexander Dmitrievich. L - because he was born in the month of the lion. I don't understand why I can't create a guild :( Why in my name...
  3. TheCadl

    [Recovery] Server crash deleted my items received for donation

    Due to a server crash, the items that I received for the donation disappeared, but the points were not returned Give me back my spent 6 points... Thecadl Diamond
  4. TheCadl

    [Support] Strange mistake in counting catches

    Good afternoon! When I opened Johto Box 2 for Daily Login, I got a weird error. The game counted the Pokemon as captured, recorded it in the game profile, but not in the achievements. This is very strange, because now how can I make it so that the number of captures in the profile is combined...
  5. TheCadl

    Where to catch Eevee?

    Hello! I would like to know if the game has the ability to catch an Eevee, if so, where he lives. If im can't catch it with a Pokeball, how can you get it without taking into account the purchase in the market?
  6. TheCadl

    TheCadl's Catches

    Hello, here I will post all next catches pokémons by me! munchlaxdab The first 3 Pokémon received upon registration 06.03.2021 Catch 1 #043 Oddish 08.03.2021 - My First Normal Rare :magihype: Catch 2 #069 Bellsprout 08.03.2021 - My First Easy Rare celebicelebrate Catch 3 #010 Caterpie...