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  1. brunoxd

    Some Questions...

    Hello people , i'm here to talk about some little things in game... "Spin Machine" this quest will never be added? we'll only have Hitmontop from box 4? please done this Quest :/ -- about the Icon when drop TM " ! " , can be added? one time , i almost lost one tm , because autoloot...
  2. brunoxd

    Small Changes in Game.

    Hello Pleople I'm here to talk about one thing , it will be very useful for us , see the example in the image... This picture says it all, no? (; ---------------------------------------- Now one picture with actual model in game... I can not see your pretty face :/...
  3. brunoxd

    Selling Loot's on Market

    Hello xD , i'm here to talk about Loot's sold on market . Juanito buy only x255 items ( like Seed , Small Stone bla bla ) , make possible " sell all " items. Example : i have 1536 Seed , when click in " sell all " , really need sell all , not only x255... understand? thats all , thanks for...
  4. brunoxd

    Player ( Tutor ) Toxico -

    Hello people , I'm here to complain of a Tutor, Toxico , This player is a Kser before he got promotion as a tutor, and still being it. We all know tutors Should have a good behavior , right? . He don't respect anybody and sometimes be rude... i'm not here to say : demote that player , but yes ...
  5. brunoxd

    [Buy] BUY Cloned Vaporeon Low Lvl

    Hello , i wanna buy cloned vaporeon low lvl , send msg to me in GAME or here , Character - Bruno Trainer Thanks.
  6. brunoxd

    Dropping Loot By Evolution

    Hello People , how title says ... I here to suggest one idea about " loot " , I've been thinking a lot about it and now is time . Ex : Bulbasaur = Pair of Leaves ( can drop 0-1 ) - Bag of Pollen ( can drop 0-1 ) - Seed's ( can drop 0-40 ) Ivysaur = Pair of Leaves ( can drop 0-2 ) -...
  7. brunoxd

    [Donation] Didn't receive his Diamonds

    Hello I here to complaint about Diamonds , My friend bought x10 diamonds in 23 days ( 23-25 days +- ) time ago and didn't receive his diamonds . Nick in Game : Masterguiiiii World : Pearl He has sent one Email , but nothing happened also no reply Waiting of answer , Thanks .
  8. brunoxd

    Invite Duels

    Hello People , the Title explain All , I'm here to suggest one idea to Duels , when one guy invite you to duel and you accept , after 5-7 seconds the count of 3,2,1 , START . Ok Bruno , but , and that guy not release your Pokemon , going to be like? Simple , the Message " Warning, release...
  9. brunoxd

    About Smeargle

    Hello People , I here to talking about " Smeargle " ( i like him ) have projects to he ? i never see someone talking about he . What would you say to me? sorry English , bad english Mod : On
  10. brunoxd

    [Complaint] My pacc

    Hello guys , today i playing PA have 3 days pacc , when i relog appeared only 1 day pacc , why ? can you help-me? Thanks , Name Char : Bruno Trainer , Pearl .
  11. brunoxd

    about Farfetch'd

    Hello, how are you? I came here to create this topic to talk about Farfetch'd, he is a great pokemon, but I wanted you to see it through, your melee attacks, hit always give -100, what is? And the skill, Drill Peck and only attack of the wing is good, others revise the attack, and the attacks...
  12. brunoxd

    Catch Nidoqueen

    passando de sacanagem no saffari , quando derrepente ... 01:27 Used 12 safari balls on Nidoqueen. 01:27 You caught a pokemon (Nidoqueen [62]). But you are already holding six Pokemon, your Pokemon will be teleported to the Pokemon center! :D
  13. brunoxd

    Scyther Bug in aba POKEMON !!

    Hi , when i use Shredder Team with my scyther , have 1 bug in aba POKEMON check the print is it , check now please
  14. brunoxd

    I Hacked in Pearl , help me

    the administration, I need help, when I put my recovery key says so, error: Could not change password. Make sure and email recovery key are valid. , help me, I'm using the google translator I hope you understand
  15. brunoxd

    Hacked in Pearl

    I am Brazilian and something very tragic happened to me, I had my account hacked, and I came here in the forum to help behind the administration, some ADM please contact me? grateful now