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  1. Xo Dolphy

    [Support] BUGG

  2. Xo Dolphy

    [Ban Appeal] unban request

    done, undeleted
  3. Xo Dolphy

    No puedo conectar al juego

    Hola, te puedo solucionar en discord para que sea más eficiente, me puedes contactar allá como: Natarock #2276 Cierro thread por mientras.
  4. Xo Dolphy

    [Recovery] Minior Lost

    poke sent
  5. Xo Dolphy

    Biweekly Life Thread Contest

    LT of the 4th fortnight goes to... :magihype: Demz! Almost 700 catches omg, hope you reach it soon, happy birthday btw celebicelebrate
  6. Xo Dolphy

    Biweekly Life Thread Contest

    LT of the 3rd fortnight goes to... braixenlaugh Rebelious! It was 3 cloned vaporeon on a single ticket? mindblown Hope you catch those other 2 cloneds soon, good luck! poipolehype
  7. Xo Dolphy

    Biweekly Life Thread Contest

    LT of the 2nd fortnight goes to... tyranitarcosplay Astoreth! Congratulations!! What a nice cards collection you have on your LTs, we really enjoyed to see that dedication, keep going! lickygasm
  8. Xo Dolphy

    [Complaint] Pls pokes

    Funny fact that parcel had rainbow lights which she bought to me hehehe, aga gave you an answer, no need to create threads for every week, lol
  9. Xo Dolphy

    Easter Drawing Contest

    Hello, everyone! Bunny came hopping to bring you some great news, it is time for our Easter Drawing Contest! Easter Theme What do I have to do? It's simple: * Draw as best picture as you can * Sign the picture with your character name * Take photo of picture or scan it and post in this thread...
  10. Xo Dolphy

    Sprite deco contest

    Erased every comment related to ask any deco, it's a contest thread, not discussion one, feel free to make a subthread of this to ask whatever you want, here isn't the right place
  11. Xo Dolphy

    Energy Decorations

    From now we are selling now rainbow lights, main post has been updated with new it's price, you can send us parcels with cash and the letter writting what you want there. Diamond: [CM] Natta / Judar Platinum: [CM] Natta on Platinum / Judar on Platinum Electrikelove
  12. Xo Dolphy

    Ban appeal

    Hola!, si tu cuenta no aparece en la pagina es debido a que está mal escrito o haya sido borrada en el database cleanup pasado, te llegó un correo 1 mes antes de aviso sobre que characters estaban con el riesgo de ser borradas, dicho esto realmente no podemos recuperarla, lo siento.
  13. Xo Dolphy

    [Recovery] Lost itens

    solved, i parcelled everything to Dark Flame, cradily found btw
  14. Xo Dolphy

    Biweekly Life Thread Contest

    LT of the first fortnight goes to... Weedlecool Rize Action! Congratulations!! We have really enjoyed your trip among the game and hope you still constant showing us your progress anytime wooloohey
  15. Xo Dolphy

    PA Players Ideas

    Hello guys, We are now creating professions and golden tower, in future guild systems, but we'd like to know what you - as players would like to have in game that would keep you interested in game, that is not necesarily based on character experience. NOTE: This thread is only to apport any...
  16. Xo Dolphy

    [Recovery] Missing Pokemon

    Again, is inside your house, next time DON'T forget to give us your name here and last release and look twice before report here.